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chp 7
foundations of selection
assessment center
- a facility where perforamnce simulation tests are administred
- these include a series of exercises used for selection , development and performance appraisals
comprehensive interview
- selection device used to obtain in depth info about a candidate
- designed to probe areas not easily addressed by applicaton form or tests- one's motivation, values, abilities to work under pressure and ability to "fit in" at company
impression management
- influencing performance evaluations by portraying an image desired by the appraiser
-ones attempt to project an image that will result in a faovrable outcome
behavioral interview
- observing job candidates not only for what they say but for how they behave
realistic job preview (RJP)
- a selection device that allows job candidates to learn negative as well as positive info about the job and organization
- applicants that recieve this hold lower and more realistic expectations about the job they will be done and are better prepared for coping with job and frustrating elements
- reduces turnover without lowering acceptance rates
- hires more committed individual
background investigation
- process of verifying information job candidates provide
- a selection devices consistency of measurement
- should produce consistent scores each time device is used
- proven relationship of a selection device to relevant criterion
- just because test score is consistent does not mean it is measureing important characteristic related to job behavior
- it must also differentiate between satisfactory and unsatisfactor performance on the job
content validity
- the degree to which test content, as a sample, represents all situtations that could have been included such as typing test for a clerk typist
- degree to which test content or questions about job tasks represent situations on the job
construct validity
- degree to which test measures a particular traite related to successful performance on the job
criterion-related validity
- degree to which a particular selection device accurately predicts the level of performance or important elements of work behavior
- shows relationship between some predictor and a criterion (test score and job perforamnce)
predictive validity
- validating tests by using prospecive applicants as study group
concurrent validity
- validating tests by using current employees as study group
cut score
- a scoring point below which applicants are rejected
chp 10
establishing the performance management system
two way feedback
- without proper two way feedback about an employees effort and it's effect on performance we run the risk of decreasing his or her motivation
- a record of performance appraisal possible outcomes
absolute standards
- measuring an employees performance against established standards