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Motivational Theory - Three Types of Process Theories
1. Expectancy Theory
2. Goal-Setting Theory
3. Training Motivation Theory
Motivational Theory - Two Types of Needs Theories
1. Mazlow's Hierarchy
2. Alderfer's ERG Theory
Two Types of Motivational Theories
1. Needs theories
2. Process theories
Learning Theories
1. Social learning theory
2. Conditioning Perspective
3. Experiential Learning
4. Andragogy
5. Accelerated Learning
3 Propositions of Expectancy Theory
MF = Expectancy X Instrumentality X Valence

MF = Can I perform it X What's in it for me X do I value the rewards/recognition if I do this?
Definition of Expectancy Theory
Achieving a particular level of performance will lead to attractive consequences
Definition of Conditioning Perspective
Pavlovian Dog - rewards & punishment - Behaviour Modification
Three Components of Conditioning Perspective
Shaping - learning each step
Chaining - learning sequence
Generalization - applying learning to different circumstances
3 Components of Social Learning Theory
1. Observing Others
2. Self-Efficacy
3. Self-Management
6 Principles of Adult Learning Theory (Knowles)
1. Autonomous & self-directed
2. Experienced,knowledgeable
3. Are goal-oriented
4. Are relevancy-oriented
5. Are practical
6. Desire respect
Accelerated Learning (Gardner)
1. Alone or with others
2. May include games, music..
3. Builds on individual knowledge
(Individual way of learning)