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What is the purpose of HR Planning?
Contingency planning to mitigate negative results emanating from change
What are the critical factors affecting HR Planning? (5)
Legal, Economic, Business and Organizational Factors, Demographic and HR Factors (people, technology, systems)
What are the economic factors affecting HR planning? (5)
Monetary policy;
fiscal policy;
discretionary fiscal policy; productivity;
business cycle
What are the key pieces of Canadian legislation affecting HR Planning? (6)
Human Rights Codes Employment Standards Act; Occupational H & S Acts Pensions Acts;
Labour Relations Acts;
Pay Equity acts.
What demographic and labour market factors influence HR Planning in Canada? (6)
Aging workforce (except First Nations)
Low birthrate
Globalization & offshoring
Increase in working women
Youth unemployment
What are some business and organizational factors that affect HR Planning? (4)
Company Internal Value System
Business strategy
HR Strategy
Provide a Canadian example in which legislation was introduced to support changing social values
December 2000 changes to Employment Insurance Act to provide parental leave to fathers and mothers (including adoptive parents) for a combined period of one year