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Grievance Definition
Any claim by an employee that such claimants rights,benefits,privleges,intersts,or due process provided for in the cities policies and proceedures,have been violated.
Who can file a grievance?
Only individual employees

If same complaint issued by several diff. employees seperately, can be counted as one grievance.
Grievences do not apply to what situatiuons?
-matters city is not in authority to act.
-any proceedings of disiplinary action
-employee performance evauluation(use appraisal system)
- base rate of pay set by the city.
Greivance must include
-set forth act or ommission they feel they where violated on
-concern a matter within the authority of the city.
-state relief sought.
An employee has _____ business days from the date of a problem to ________ present a grievance to _________
-10 days
All time limits indicated are?
city business days.
Every problem should be handled on what level?
the lowest poss. level os supervision.
Any extension of time limits need to be communicated and approved by who?
The human resources director
Failure to submit a grievance in accordance with the specified time limits constitutes what?
abandonment of the grievance
How may an employee terminate a grievance.
a sighned statement to the employees manager or supervisor.
First step in grievance policy
verbally present problem to supervisor. one on one meeting
Employee may have representation to any future meetings that include who?
- Department Head
-Deputy city mngr.
-Grievance commitee
How many steps in the grievance policy?
An employee may appeal to who if they are not satisfied with their grievance?
The City Manager in writing.
Who makes the final decision on the case and notifies everyone?
City Manager
Who is involved in the grievance process?
-Department Head
-Deputy city mngr.
Hr. director
The grievance comitee should consist of how many employees?
5 members represented by a cross section of job catagories.
What are the places in the city that employees and altenates are pulled from for the grievance commitee?
-First Line Clerical Employees
-First Line Field Employees
-Mid-mngr level employees
-Supervisory level Employees.
Who will appoint 1 member and 1 alternate from each section for the grievance commitee?`
The City Manager
All appointment terms on the grievance commitee will be for how much time?
3 years
Who may terminate a member and replace them if they are not performing their duties as a grievance member?
The city manager.
A person must disqualify themselves in a case for the following reasons:
-personal involvement
-personal association
-personal prejudice
The employee and HR director may disqualify someone from the grievance case if ....
personal or work relationship.
What if someone was disqualified?
The alternate would step requested by HR directoe
What dept is disqualified from participating in the grievance commitee?
Humane resources dept.
In what capacity may the HR dept help in the grievance commitee?
act as a hoc member.