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Employees covered under the disiplinary policy.
full - time and part time regular status employees/ All grant funded employees.
supervisors are resp. for utilizing the following stategies for disiplinary prevention.
-comm. city's expected standards.
-comm. city's disiplinary system
-trng,recognition, and feedback on perf. standards
-periodic performance reviews and appraisals.
-apply dicipline meas.
Disipline should be based on what?
just cause
What factors should be considered in regards to disipline?
-seriousness and consequences of the deficiency
-previouse work record
-previouse disipline
-most effective disipline in correcting the prob.
-consistent organizational practices.
What two catagories does disipline fall into?
Serious and Major
Serious Deficiencies
Do not involve trust or honesty issues. Do not pose a threat to the city. Do not endager employees.
Major deficiency
Involve ques. of trust or honesty. Constitute a threat to other employees.
Name the four types of disiplinary action.
-Counseling/and or memo of expectation
-Memo of correction
-Written reprimand
- Employee Decision Making Leave without pay
Who has the authority to implement a counseling or memo of correction?
Immediate Supervisor or higher.
Who must approve a written reprimand or leave without pay?
Department Head
Recordkeeping for verbal counseling and memo of expectations.
-Employees Dept file
Record keeping for memo of correction, written reprimand, and leave without pay.
-employees file
-HR director for employees file.
What is the appeal process and time for removing records from an employees file for seriouse deficiencies?
-1 year
-Must have Dept. Heads approval
-Must request in writing to
Dept. Head
-Dept. head and HR will discuss prior to removal.
Appeal Rights for seriouse deficiencies.
-not appealable to personnell board.
-Not grievable under the cities grievance policy.
-Employee may respond in writing which becomes part of the action.
Punitive Disiplinary Actions
-suspension without pay
-Involuntary Demotions
-Disiplinary Probation
Suspension Without Pay
Exempt and non-exempt employees may be suspended w/ot pay for 1 or more full workdays. None will exceed 40 working days or 320 working hours.
-for major deficiencies
Involuntary Demotions
-lower pay range.
-unwilling or able to perform work duties
-salary reduced 5%
-If exceed rage max. then reduced to new range max.
Disiplinary Probation
-back to probationary status.
-major and seriouse def. not corrected by other meas.
-only when believed it will help.
-6 months
-may extend by HR directoe and dept. head of employee.
-fired for any reason(at will employee)no recourse to grievence or appeal proceedures.
Who reviews all punitive action before it is served on the employee?
HR director
Notice of Intent
required for punitive disiplinary action.
-shall include reason
-exibits/ witnesses
-notice of option to respond to dept. Head
If an employee is going to respond to a punitive action who does he respond to, how much time does he have, and how?
-verbally or in writing
-10 calendar days
-Hr directoe who gives it to the City's Personell Board.
The purging of a punitive document is done how?
-In writing
-to Dept. Head
-after 5 years
-After hr director and Dept head discuss.
Appeal Hearing Process

Within how many days will the Hr director set up a hearing and with who?
-30 calendar days
-Personell Board
Appeal Hearing Process

The hearind date will not exceed how many days?
120 days calendar days
Appeal Hearing Process

If an employee wants legal counsel they may contact who and within how many days?
-HR director
-10 working days
Appeals Process

If the employee has counsil then who gets the case for the city?
City's Attorney office
Appeals Process

If no counsel for the employee the ________gives the __________ advice
city attorneys office
-dept. Head
Appeals process

How is it conducted?
informal/non-adversarial, not bound by formal rules of evidence.
Appeals Process

Who can grant a continuence and who gets them?
-Chair of the personell board
-only one per party
-no longer than 5 work days prior to the commencement of the hearing
Order of Proof in a city hearing.
1. City presents evidence
2. Employees production of evidence in his defense
-rebuttal by the city
The employee or the employees attorney may request the __________to require others to testify at the hearing. Who on the personnell board has this authority?
-Personell Board
-Chair of the Personell Board
Requests for other employees to testify must go to the____________in________no later than__________.
-HR director
-no later than 10 days prior to the commencement of the hearing.
How may the city object to production of documents?
filing a written objection to the HR director not more than 15 calendar days after the reciept of the request.
If an employee will not show up for a hearing they are subject to what?
disiplinary action
Following the hearing the personnell boards findings shall be reported to who?
The city manager

he can modify it
The employees file only reflects what?
The final Action
The hearing is conducted under oath or______