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- direct supervision
-writes performeance evaluations
-immediate direction on a regularly scheduled basis
-More than 25% supervision
Enspoused Relationship
2 people living together other than roomates.

"living together"

sharing in social activities
Two oeple in an enspoused or marries relationship shall not
supervise each other.
any individual related by blood or marriage living in the same house or who the employee shares an enspoused relationship.
No employee may appoint or reccomend
a relative
How and when must you disqualify yourself from an oral boar panel?
relative is to be interviewed

written notice

to hr director
Employment of relatives within the same dept. is prohibited when what occurs?
-one supervises or disiplines the other on a permanent basis.
-one would handle confidential info. the other had access to.
-One would review the work of the other
-would work on the same shift at the same site
-other potential prob.
If you get marriesd to another employee or enter into an enspoused relationship you must notify who and in how many days?
Deputy city mngr or city mngr.

in writing

If personal relationships outside the job interfere with the job, what will the city do?
get involved
As a min. , what will happen to the employees involved in off duty prob.?
they will be reassighned

city has the right at ant time without cause