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Who is resp. for overseeing the employment process?
The hr director
Who has the final decision in employment recriutment processes?
The human resources dept.
The cog objective is to create a worforce that represents what?
The Glendale population
When a dept. has a vacancy they send a ______ to who?
- RFP request for personell
-The hr director
The majority of vacancies will be filled by what type of process?
"open competitive"
open to public
What about "closed promational processes?
-closed to public
-open only to regular status employees
-Must be approved by HR Director
Where are city recruitments posted?
city bullitin boards
How can you get an application for COG employment?
- in person
-US mail
How do you return an application for city employment to HR?
- in person
-us mail
-FAX (original then mailed)
The HR Director reserves the right to extend a recruitment process if what?
It does not include women and ethnic minorities
Screening Apps
-min qual
-hr director notifies applicant of application recieved
-placed on elible list
-test results
-reference checks
-conditional offer
-medical tests
the mandatory medical testing for employment will return in how many days?
New hre paperwork will be forwarded to the ______ in ___ days.
HR director
Finger printing
mandatory with PD before employment.
HR director shares bad results with departments
Who keeps all hiring records?
hr director
If an employee does not meet probationary requ. and is fires what can they do?
They have no recourse to grievance or appeal proceedures
Probation is
probation can be extended by_____ but not more than_______
HR director
6 months
Who has the authority to end a prob period(fire)
Dept head or higher

dept head and deputy city mngr. make all decisions to completion or termination.
Department Heads must live in city limits within ____ of employment.
18 months
All sworn public safety must live in _______ at the time of hire.
Who can grant exception to residency laws?
City Mngr.
How do you request a transfer?
In writing
to HR Director
If the city transfers an employee for good of the city serv. what happens to their pay?
Stays the same
If an employee wants to be hired back, what requ. must they meet?
-good standing
-in writing
-within 1 year of leaving
-placed on a list
If an employee is hired back after leaving....
-min. pay range
-lost previouse benifits, etc

--City mngr can change
resignation for employees
-2 weeks
-30 days
Who will be laid off first in a RIF?
Temporary/ probationary employees
What factors are CONSIDERED for RIFS?
-work performance
Who determines the # of employees let go by a RIF?
City mngr
How much notice will an employee have if they are to be RIF
-by who?
30 days
department head
who must an employee request a bump back to and in how many days?
-hr director
If you bump back your salary will be adjusted to what if your salary is too high?
Top salary for the classification
If a temp or seasonal employee gets bumped by a regular employee what do they get?
If you bump a temp or seasonal employee what is your pay?
the current pay fopr that position
How can you appeal a RIF and to who?
-hr director
-5 days
Severance benefits are determined by who?
city manager
How long after a RIF will you be on a re-hire list?
1 year
If employee RIF lists exist and qual people are on the list the city will not ....
open recriutment processes openly
When can you do a voluntary RIF?
Only during a formal RIF
If you voluntarily RIF then, you will recieve what benefits?
-retirement and severence if applicable.
Exit Interview purpose
-employee express views
-employee gets benefits explained
-resolve mngmt problems
-process documentation
Who is resp. for the coordinating exit interview?
HR director
When is the exit interview held?
The last day of employment.
If an employee is fired when will the final paycheck be ready? What if not fired?
- 3 days
- regular pay period
final check vaca leave?
1/3 hours not to exceed accural limit
Sick leave on final check?
-not terminated for cause
-otherwise 1/3 hours(last 36 months)
Insurance will continue after seperation for how long?

What else can u do after that?
-last day of the month

-temp. extension of health coverage,
-must pay full cost of the benefits
Maximum a temp. employee can work
1 year
exceptions to temp. employee time?
-hr director must approve
-special project
-less than 19 hours a week
-lesss than 100 hrs. a year.
seasonal employees
hired for one season a year.
-no more than 4 months a year
-6 month break in serv.
Temporary employment Agreement
must be filled out if work more than 1 full workweek
-prior to employment
-beggining and end date
Temp employee benefits
including grant funded
Temp employees with ___ or more hours for ____ or more weeks must put into the Az State retirement system.
temp. employees who are in sensitive jobs must....
-have fingerprints
-60 min. substance abuse trng.
-tested for alcohol and drugs.
All temp employees must attend
less than 6 months
-workplace harassment trng.
- no fingerprints
Parking permits for temp employees.

Less than 6 months
- issues city hall parking

- temp. pass
temp. employee ID badges

longer than a month
-Photo immediately upon hire

- less than a month on - photo
ot for temporary employees?
over 40 hours

NO compensatory
If a temp. employee becomes a regular employee, when does their hire date begin?
Day of first regular day.