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Which hormones are released by posterior pituitary?
oxytocin and ADH
Function of ADH?
retention of Na+ and thus water, elevates BP, vasoconstriction
Name 3 hormones released by the anterior pitutary
ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone), TSH, GH
Oxytocin and ADH are produced in which gland?
What regulatory hormones does the hypothalamus secrete to control activity of anterior lobe?
Describe the hypophyseal Portal System
Hypothalamus secretes RH/IH into interstitial fluid to capillaries and enters venous blood and arrives at anterior pituitary
What are the 2 types of diseases called from overproduction of GH?
gigantism (early onset), acromegaly (late onset)
What is the mechanism of glucocorticoids being released by the HPA axis?
CRH released by hypothalamus acts on anterior lobe to release ACTH which acts on adrenal medulla to release gluococrticoids
What are the functions of glucocorticoids?
- Anti-inflammatory
- Increased glycogen storage
- Decrease uptake of glucose (--> hyperglycemia)
Over exposure to glucocorticoids causes what disease?
What are the sympotms of Cushing's sydrome?
- euphoria
- osteoporosis
- hyperglycemia tendencies
- central obesity
- poor wound healing
Glucocorticoid receptors belong to what group of receptors?
Nuclear receptors
Describe the steroid hormone action/pathway
Steroid enters cell and binds with nuclear receptor (HSP is released) --> complex bind with DNA and transcription takes place
Describe MOA of glucocorticoids
Liganded glucocorticoid receptor binds +/- GRE to upregulate or down regulate (respectively) transcription
GRE = Glucocorticoid response element
Glucocorticoids are COX2 inhibitors what does this do?
Reduce pain/fever
What happens with acute withdrawal from glucocoritcoids?
may lead to degeneration of adrenal cortex
- High glucocorticoid results in decreased secretion of CRH (thus ACTH) which has trophic action on adrenal cortex
Clinical use of glucocorticoids?
asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies
Where are mineralocorticoids released from?
Adrenal cortex
Action of mineralocorticoids?
Retention of water and Na+
What is an antagonist of mineralocorticoids? Give example of a mineralocorticoid
spironolactone, aldosterone
spironolactone used to treat oedema