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1. How to make your smile magicallly different?
The Flooding Smile. Don't smile right away. Instead look at the person face for a second. Pause. Soak in the persona. And then let a big, warm, responsive smile flood over your face and overflow into your eyes. The split second delays convinced people that your smile is genuine and only for them.
2. How to strike anyone with intelligent and insighful using your eyes?
Stricky Eyes. Pretend your eyes are glued to the conversation partner why sticky staffy. Don't break eyes contact even when he or she finished speaking. When you do look away, do it so SLOWLY, stretching the taffy until finally the tiny string breaks.
3. How to use your eye to make someone fall in love with you?
Epoxy Eyes. Watch the target person even when someone else talking. No matter who speaking, keep looking at the woman you want to impact.
4. How to look like a big winner wherever you go?
Hang by your teeth. Image you are hanging by your teeth. Every muscle will stretch to a perfect posture.
5. How to win their heart by responding to their "Inner Infant"?
The big-baby pivot. The instant the two of you are introduced, reward your new acquaintance. Give the warm smile, the total-body turn, and the undivided attention you would give a little child come to you.
Pivoting 100 percent toward the new person shouts “I
think you are very, very special.”
6. How to make someone feel like an old friend at once?
Hello old friend. Just image the new person is your old friend. Things will turn out easier.
7. How to come across as 100 percent credible to eveyone?
Do not twist, scratch when you talk. Don't move hand closer to face.
8. How to read people like you have ESP?
Hans's Horse Sense. Express yourself, but watch the audience reaction to watch you were saying, then plan your moves accordingly.
9. How to make sure you don't miss a single beat?
Watch the scene before you make the scene. SEE yourself walking around, shaking hand, smilling. HEAR yourself chatting. FEEL the pleasure when everyone is drawn into you. VISUALIZE yourself being a Super someone. It will happen automatically.
10. How to start a great small talk?
Make a good match. Take a voice sample to detect state of mind. Just match their mood with their voice. Then respond accordingly.
11. How to sound like you got super personality? (no matter what you are saying)
Prosaic with passion. Fear not, because 80 percent of your listener's impression has nothing to do with your words anyway. Anything you say is fine, as long as it is not complaining, rude or unpleasant. Empathetic mood, positive attitude, and passionate delivery make you sound exciting.
12. How to make people want to start a conversation with you?
Always wear a Whatzit. Whenever you go to a gathering, make sure you wear some unusual artifact. So that people who find you delightful strange would have an EXCUSE to approach. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice...What IS that?
13. How to meet people you want to meet?
Whoozat. Simply ask a party giver about the one you like to meet a few facts or introductions. Then change it into a ice breaker to approach that person.
14. How to break into a tight crowd?
Eavesdrop in. Get close and open your ear. Don't hesitate when the time come. Wait for any climsy excuse and jump in with "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear...". They'll get over it, and you're in the conversation.
15. How to make "Where are you from" sound exciting?
Never the naked city. Never challenge their imagination by one word answer. Try to learn some fact about your hometown so that people can comment on. If they can make a clever comment base on your fact, you're successful.
16. How to comeout a winner everytime they ask "What do you do?"
Never the naked job. Name is not enough. Flesh it out. Tell them some delicious facts about the job that you do. So that they can say something about it.
17. How to introduce people like a host with the most?
Never the naked introduction. Always throw in some cool, special fact about the people you are introducing, so that they're at least chew on that and talk to each other for a first time.
18. How to make alive a dying conversation?
Be a word detective. Keep an ear open to listen to the clue of a topic your partner want to talk about, it often a unusual comment, or key word. Then ask question about that topic
19. How to keep the conversation interesting?
Switch the spotlight. Let's the other person talk about herself. You'll learn so much about her life, also you captive the talker. They love talking to you. Also they find out interesting because they had not know anything about you.
20. How to never need to wonder "What do I say next?"
Parroting. All you have to do is REPEATING what the partner just say in a amusing tone of voice. She will keep going about that and open real feelings.
21. How to get them happily chatting so that you can slip away if you want to ?
Encore. Ask the speaker to tell other people again about their inteesting story. "Would you tell them about the story that you told me..."
22. How to come across as a positive person?
Show only your positive self. Lock your closet and save the bone for later. When you have good relationship with that person, you can show your vulnable side, and they will understand.
23. How to always have something interesting to say?
The lastest news, don't leave home without it. Anything that happen today is good material.
24. How to find out what they do (without even asking) ?
What do you do -NOT. That question would label you neither a big person or a networker. Instead, ask "How do you spend most of your time?
25. How to know what to say when they ask "What do you do?"
Nutshell resume. Ask yourself "What could I do to make help this person's life?" What I do that could interest him. Start by "I help people"
26. How to sound even smarter than you are?
Use your personal therausus
You look stunning, you look elegant, you look ravishing. It was a spendid party, a superb party, a extraordinary party. have a magnificant time, a remarkable time, a glorious time. Keep praciting
27. How not to show anxious (when you have something in common with someone)
Kill the quick 'Me, too'.
If you have something in common with your friend, the longer you wait to reveal it, the more impress she will be. You appeal as a confident, not lonely, little person, hungry for some quick connection with a stranger.
Don't hold it too long, or you'll be addresses as tricky.
28. How to be a 'You-Firstie' to gain their affection and respect?
Comm- YOU- nicaton. Start any appropriate sentese with YOU. It get more responsive if you click on their pride button and saving them to translate into the "me" term.
"That's a nice dress"-->"You look nice in that dress"
"Where is the office"-->"Are you able to tell me where the office is"
"That's a good question" --> "You asked a good question"
"It is important that..." --> "You see the important of..."
"Can I take Friday off?"--> "Can you do without me on Friday?"
"You'll love the new Indian restaurant. Will you join me there for dinner?"
29. How to make them feel that you don't just smile at anybody?
The Exclusive smile. Don't greet evryone with the same smile, it'll lose its value. Reserve the flooding smile for important people
30. How to avoid sounding like a jerk?
Do not use clithe, Thing like "I am tired as a dog" or "She's cute as a button". Be on guard. roll on your clever phrase.
31. How to use your motivational speaker technique to enhance your conversation?
If you want to be notable, think of some crazy quotable.
Make them rhythm, make them clever, make them funnu, and above all, make them relevant.
32. How to banter like the big shots do (winner tells it like it is)?
Call a spade a spade. Use word that describe exactly what it meant for?
33. Avoid the world's wosrt conversation topic.
Trash the teasing. An innocence joke at someone expense may get you a cheap laugh. Never, ever make a joke at someone else's expense, you will end up paying for it, dearly!
34. How to give them the Bad News (and have them like you even more)?
Keep the receiver in mind. What mood will they be in after hearing this bad news? Adjust your emotion to this. A sad smile, a sigh, a sob. Not according to how you feel about the news, but how the receiver will.
35. How to respond when you don't want the answer (and wish they'd shut the hell up)
The broken record. When someone persist you on an unwelcomed quesition, keep repeating your original respond. Hearing it simply quite them down. It will work keep repeat one more time.
36. How to talk to a Celebrity
Don't slobber. When you are chatting with one, don't complement their work, just simply say how much pleasure or insight it's given you. If you single out a start accomplishment, make sure you point out the Most RECENT one. If a queen bee had a drone sitting with her, find way to involve him into the conversation. Celebirty are people too, and they like their time off.
37. How to make them want to thank you
Never the naked thank you. Never say thank you alone. Always have a following: Thank you for coming, thank you for being so understanding, thank you for waiting, thank you for being a good customer, thank you for being so loving.
38. How to be a modern day renaissance man or woman
Scrample therapy. Once a month, scrample you life. Do something you never dream of doing. Participate in a sport, go to an exhibition, hear a lecture about the subject totally out of your experience. You get 80 percent of the right lingo and insider question in just one exposure.
39. How to sound like you know all about their job or hobby.
Lear a little jobbledygook, the language of other profession. It makes you sound like an insider. Don't look on book, ask a friend who into this profession, he will tell you most of the lingo. The words are few and the reward are manifold.
40. How to bare their hot button(elementary Doc- talk)
Find out what is the hot issue in their field. Each industry has a burning concern the outside world know nothing about. Heat up the conversation.
41. How to secretly learn about their life
Read their rags. There're thousand of magazines of interest. You can dish up more information than you'll ever need to sound like the insider with anyone just by reading the rags that serve their racket.
42. How to talk when you are in other country
Clear 'Custom'. Get a book about that country and read about the taboo and such. Be prepared!
43. How to talk them into get a insider price (on practically anything you buy)
Buffing for bargain. Find several vendor, most to learn from and one to buy from. Armed with a few words in the induestryese.
44. How to make them feel you are of the same 'Class'
Watch people, look at the way the move, Fast, Slow, Classy, Trashy, Jerky, Fluit, Old, Young... Match your personality with your product. You are part of your customer's buying experience.
45. How to make them feel that you are like 'Family'
Echoing. Listen to their choice of verbs, noun, prepositions, adjectives, and then echo them back. It makes them feel you share their values, interests, and experiences.
46. How to make it really clear to them
Did your customer have garden, tell her to sowing the seed of success, Does your boss own a boat, tell him about the concept that 'Hold water' or 'stay afloat'. She plays tennis, tell her that it really hits the sweet spot.
Evoke your listener's life style and wave your imagination around it. It tells your listener that you think like them and hint to share same interest.
47. How to make them feel empathized (without just saying uh huh, yep, yeah)
Employ emphathized. Vocalize that complete sentense to show your understanding. "I see what you mean." Sprinkle it with some thing like "That's a lovely thing to say". Your emphathy impress your listener and encourge them to continue.
48. How to make them think that you feel/hear/see just the way they do
What part of their ananomy your associates talking through? their eyes, their ear, or their gut?
Then use the emphatizer to fit in visual, audible, or kinesthetic.
49. How to make them think We (Instead of You vs. Me)
The premature WE. Create a sensation of intimacy even if you just met just a moment before. Using the magic words we, us, our.
50. How to create a friendly private joke with them
Instant History. When meeting with a stranger, search for some special moment that you share during the first encounter. Find a few word that make you laugh, a warm smile, the good feeling that you two felt. Now just like old friend. You have a history together.
51. How to give complement to someone (withoutsounding like you're brownosing)
Grapevine Glory. If you want to complement someone, don't go tell them direcly. Instead, mention it to a friend of her. Soon enough, she will hear it. You also give the recipient a happy fantasy that you're telling their greatnest to the world.
52. How to be a "Carrier Pigeon" of good feeling
People have a tendency to passing bad things about other (called gossiping). Instead, pass on a good news about someone, fly to them with complement. Everyone loves a carried pigeon of kind thoughts. Not only thought, forward information you think it would intest your friend. Just another way of saying "I'm thinking of you and your interest."
53. How to make them feel your admiration just slipped out.
Gosh, girl. Was you a model? Throw a few comment in your conversation something positive about them. But be careful of what you said.
54. How to win their heart by being a undercover comlimenter
Accidential Adulation. Sneak praise under your sentense. "You are probable too young to remember this..." "Anyone as fit as you probably can jump these steps in no time". Try it. You'll like it. They'll love it.
55. How to make them never forget you with a "Killer Compliment"
Search for one specific, attractive, and uniquely one has. At the end of the conversation, look the individual right into the eye, say her name and the deliver that killer complement.
1) Do it in private.
2) Make it credible
3) Offer one per half year per recipient.
56. How to make them smile with " Itty Bitty Booster"
Little strokes like "Nice job, John", "Well done, Mike", "Hey, not bad, Billy", "Not too shabby, Sara", "Gee, honey, you look great". Cool
57. How to praise with perfect timing
The knee-jerk WOW!. right in the moment, just say it "You are terrific". Don't worry that they don't believe you. Even if they bomb it, they still love to hear a encouragement.
58. How to make them want to complement you
Boomeranging. "It's very kind of you"
"Nice shoe" --> I'm so happy you told me. I just got them.
"Good job" --> Oh, it's so nice of you to tell me. I appreciate your positive feedback.
"Are you getting better from the cold" --> I appreciate your concern, I get much better now.
"How your vacation to Hawaii?" --> Oh, you remember I went to Hawaii, it was great, thanks
59. How to make a loved one feel like you are THE partner for life
You know, Joe, when all is said and done, what are you most proud of ? What would you
like the world to most remember about you? What would you want the world to see carved on your tombstone?”
When the right moment comes, just say "I appreciate you..." or "I love you..." and fill the blank with what they has said. It takes people's breath away when you feed their deepest self- image in a complement. "At last", they said to themselves "someone who loves me for who I truly am"
60. How to talk on the phone
Talking guestures. Think of yourself as a personal radio drama everytime you pick up the phone. Turn nods into noise, smiles into sound, all your guestures into something the listen er can hear.
61. How to sound close
Name Shower. Use name more often on the phone than you would in person to keep their attention.