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What do I do when I get my ice-cream cone?
I should pick it up and hold it with both hands?
What should Matthew Brown do?
How do I prevent my ice-cream cone from dripping?
I should lick the ice-cream round in a circular motion.
Things described in the book "Everything I learned I learned in kindergarten!"
What should I do if it is still dripping?
You should lick the ice-cream faster in a circular motion.
Effort towards preventing a mess.
What happens if it doesn't stop dripping?
You should make sure that you don't drip ice-cream on the floor and you should grab some napkins to prevent creating a mess?
Something to clean up the mess you are creating.
What should I do after I realize that I cannot maneuvor eating an ice-cream cone.
Consider enrolling in an ice-cream cone eating course, purchasing ice-cream in a cup instead of a cone, or placing your ice-cream cone in a cup.
There are alternatives.