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What are constelations and how many are reconized by early astronomers?
a constelation is a section of the sky that contains a reconizable star pattern. there are 88 constelations.
why is X-ray teloscopes not placed on the earth itself?
X-rays cant make it here so there would be nothing to see.
What are two common constelations?
big dipper and Orion
who was the first person to use teloscope what did he find?
Galileo Galili
-four moons orbiting jupitor
-crators and mountains on the moon
-sunspots on the sun
-phases of jupitor
who is resopible for the calender most cultures realy on today?
Pope gregory Xiii
How is radio teloscopes different than a reflecting or refracting teloscope?
you dont look through the end like you do the other ones.
what did early cultures use to name constelations after?
were they were located and cultures beliefs
Who is responsible for first proving the sun is in the center of the universe?
nicholose capernicus
what were the earliest caledars based on?
The sun and the moon
how long does it take for the the earth to rotate once on its axis?
24 hours or one ady.
how long does it take for the earth to travel around the sun?
one year or 365 days
What is stonehenge?
a circle of of stones in england that line up with certain things in the sky
what are Circumpolar Stars?
stars that can be seen all year round.
how are feflecting and refracting teloscopes different? How are they the same?
they are different because reflecting teloscopes use mirrors and refracting teloscopes uses lenses. they are the same because they both allow you to see things that are far away
What shape are the orbits of the planets and who determined it?
what is the very large array?
27 teloscopes that link together to form one picture.
which cultures used only logics and mathmatics in studing the heavens/
what is electromagnetic spectrum?
all the wavelengths of electromagenetic radiation.
whats the first record of astronomical observations called?
what is an advntage of using a feflecting teloscope?
mirrors can be made more large so that allows you yo gather more light.
what culture named over 800 stars and made some of the earliest calendars based on the movements of the moon?
how many stars can be seen without the use of a teloscope?
6000 stars can be seen.
Who is responsible for the earth-centered modle of the universe?
which is the only type of radiation we can see?
visible light
who discoverd gravity? Gravity was the reason the planets stayed in the place around the sun.
sir issac newton
what are four types of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through the earths atmosphere?
Cisible light, radio waves, infored, and ultrovilet
what is the name of the teloscope that is curently orbiting the earth?
hubble teloscope
why do we use light-yers?
because they needed a measurment that was bigger than a mile because distances in space were so large.
why are some observations built on mountain tops?
away from light, more clear air