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Psychology is defined in the reading as the ...
science of behavior.
What does the H stand for in the mnemonic?
Honesty in Inquiry
What is the reason for not falsifying your data?
1- "fun of the game" of science
2- negative results are useful
3- verification/replication is needed
What is the "fun of the game"?
Part of the fun of science is to find out the little segments of "what is."
Why are negative results useful?
They tell us that our hunch about a factor influencing a situation was NOT correct.

Indicate a different approach is necessary.
What is verification/replication?
In order for an experimental finding to be useful, it must be replicable.

If your results are not replicable, your prestige is diminished.
True/false: The value of a scientific principle is partly judged by its verification by other experimenters.
What are two notions about governmental control?
1 - Governmental control should be eliminated; public/consumer be aware

2 - Government control should be used to keep the public safe from what they don't know; "protectorate of people"
Can you take someone's statement about having scientific findings at face value?
Talk is cheap
everyone tries to be a psychologist, dispensing their advice freely
What is science based upon?
What is one advantage of dealing with observable data?
One learns faster if the hypothesis about what is causing a behavior is accurate.
What does science use as the source of its raw data?
In the traditional scientific method, what is listed as the first step?
Observation and description
What is the focal point of science?
Observations by a scientist.
What is the most elementary aspect of the method used by scientists?
What is the starting point in any psychological study?
Observation of some behavior
What does the W in the HOW mnemonic stand for?
What questions, not why questions
What are four examples of what questions?
1 - What behavior are you attempting to change?

2- What measurements are you going to use?

3-What consequence can be changed?

4-What variable might be changed to see what the effect would be?