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adj. - insubstantial, slender
2. ministration
noun - care or service
3. spatulate
adj. - broad and flat
4. imperious
adj. - arrogant, commanding
5. carrion
noun - decaying flesh from a dead body
6. fetid
adj. - having a bad smell
7. impunity
noun - freedom from punishment
8. degenerate
adj. - deteriorated, corrupt
9. unerring
adj. - correct, unable to be wrong or mistaken
10. aberration
noun - something abnormal or unexplained
11. iridescent
adj. - full of many colors
12. unguent
noun - a cure or salve
13. viscera
noun- internal organs
14. rapprochement
noun - developing friendliness and agreement
15. concupiscence
noun - lust