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Barney Move N Groove Mat
"They were sold out at Toys 'R' Us"
18 months to 5 years
Harry Potter stuff, Barbie stuff

dvd, figurones, games, houses, CDs
sold out @ Toys 'R' Us and FAO Schwarz

Yu Gi Oh cards- $4 to 30
Mattel's Chicken Dance Elmo- $16 to 20
Rescue Heroes- $10 to 60
Hasbro's FurReal Friends- $13 to 20
Retailers Caught Short

-As the recession lowers buying retailers order less in their orders so they don't get stuck with a lot of excess inventory
-Both Wal-Mart and Target have said their sales have been at the low end of expectations so far in December
Barbie- $16
My Scene Barbie- about $15
Bratz- $22 to 25
Spider-Man web blaster and other products
$10 to 60

-a glove that shoots spray webbing out of its wrist
-on eBay at nine times the regular price.
Signature Series Robosapien

Robosapien- $99.95

-With the wireless remote controller performs more than 65 functions.
-Responds to noise, music or spoken commands.
-Eyes flash, he talks, grunts, burps, roars, raps
-Recommended for ages 6 years or older.
AmphibiCAR w/ Remote Control

-anywhere on land or water.
-On land, AmphibiCAR™ is a high-speed racer with working headlights and a rear spoiler.
-rear wheels rotate 90° and turn into propellers
-Recommended for ages 6 and older.
Faux Suede Massage Chair
-preferred by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.
-built-in cup holder and a pass-through outlet
-Hidden tilt-access wheels make it easy to roll
— Rolling, Kneading, Tapping and
-Futuristic control panel in the armrest lets you choose Full, Upper or Lower Back massage.
-Densely padded chair is upholstered
-Discounts may not be applied to this item.
Ionic Breeze Silent Air Purifier $399.95

-won Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America® Consumer Product Seal awards
-silent electronic propulsion
-improved airborne-particle capture rate.
-Removable easy-clean grills
-easy-access switches (instead of buttons).
-full 5 year Warranty.
Roomba Discovery Robotic Floor Vac $249.95

-automatically clean up anything on hardwood floors and kitchen tile.
-Comes with its own charging/docking station that it automatically returns to
-No bags to replace
-three filters and a full-function wireless remote that steers to any spot
my family
the incredibles Dash toy available at Toys 'R' Us
my family
Yugioh playing and trsde cards- pretty much available anywhere from Target to