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Some of the most popular Christmas gifts around include compact and ultra slim DVD players, Xbox and Playstation console packages, MP3 players and many more up-to-date electronic items. These types of gifts are particularly popular with teenagers and with gadget-loving men, too.
Of course, there are the more traditional items you can guarantee to see wrapped up under the tree. For ladies, gifts such as lingerie, perfumes, cosmetics, the latest designer outfits and lots of chocolates are very popular. Ceramic straightening irons are another much sought after gift for women, especially at Christmas when hair is exposed to a lot of winter damage.
Men can expect to receive gadgets, electronic goods, sports memorabilia as well as the latest fashion items. As men are becoming more and more aware of their appearance, so are expensive grooming products becoming increasingly common gifts for men.
Chocolates and any other form of sweets and candy are also extremely popular during the festive period. Chocolate gifts are not only an inexpensive option, but at Christmas time they are usually presented in wonderful packaging making them look even more scrumptious. You can’t really go wrong with a good old box of chocs!
- 2004 will be a blockbuster year for children's Christmas toys.

- No single 'must-have' toy will dominate Christmas toy sales this year (like the Cabbage Patch Doll, Elmo or Furby have in past years).

- Nonetheless, expect significant shortages of many popular toys this Christmas season, because toy retailers are being more conservative this year due to the economy. In fact, almost everyone is predicting Christmas toy shortages.
(1) Nintendo DS
(2) Apple 20 GB iPod
(3) Microsoft XBox
2004 Holiday Bundle
(4) iQuest (Purple)
(5) V-Smile
(6) InteracTV Dvd System
(7) Little People: A Little People Christmas
(8) E-L-M-O Dancing Plush
(9) Nitro Battlerz Starter Set: Battle Dome with 2 Cars
(10) Little Mommy Baby Doll Gift Set with Carrier, Stroller and Swing
Dolls and character figures are set to dominate Santa’s sack this Christmas. The ultracool Bratz are back with Bratz Flashback Party presenting 60s, 70s and 80s fashions. Dora the Explorer enters our world with We Did It Dancing Dora and look out for latest arrival, the 80s collectable phenomenon, Cabbage Patch Kids - the kids are back and tipped for the top! But it's not all girl power. Power Rangers 12.5cm Tri-battiliser is hot favourite for the must-have boy toy and NASA-designed Robosapiens is tipped to be massive among boys and the 'Big Kids' out there. Family favourites are also big contenders this Christmas. With updated classics Buckaroo, Cluedo and Twister, plus the must-have Trampoline, this year's ultimate top ten promises a fun-filled Christmas that will appeal to all ages.
V-Smile - V-Tech
VTech has introduced a revolutionary new concept in TV-based learning - V.Smile! This unique plug'n'play game system is designed to introduce preschoolers to the magic of learning through fun and engaging character-led software. Bringing the lovable antics of recognisable storybook, TV and movie characters to life, V.Smile is designed to appeal to pre-schoolers and aid educational development. V.Smile encourages children aged 3-7 to expand their learning capabilities through educational memory games and character-directed adventures, offering innovative on-screen options and multiple skill levels.
Retro has never been so ultra cool this season as Bratz step back in time to bring you a hot and happenin' groovy range of mix n match dolls and accessories to bring the past slammin' into the 21st century! Each Flashback Fever doll comes complete with a CD of groovy girly tunes from the 60s, 70s or 80s featuring dancefloor classics to keep you on your toes and a fantastic collectable keychain for you to wear!
Christmas 2004 set to be the year of Cabbage Patch 'Kitsch' as toy stores are once again invaded by the lovable leaf-dwelling little-uns. A host of 16" siblings were born on the 1st August 2004 and feature on a brand new 3D video, allowing a new generation of children to experience their magical and wondrous world. Each new arrival comes complete with adoption certificate, unique character details and personality designed to make each one special in the hearts of children everywhere.
Parents no longer have to worry that their children are receiving little educational benefit from playing computer games. Now for the first time kids can play - and learn - to their hearts' content with the Leapster ™ multimedia learning system. Aimed at children aged 4-8 years, it lets children play action-packed learning games, read electronic books, create works of art in a digital art studio, and watch interactive videos! By teaching kids in the way they love to play, they learn essential school skills including reading, maths, critical and creative thinking, story comprehension, vocabulary, and much more!
The Robosapien is fully programmable through an easy to use remote control and performs an amazing 67 different manoeuvres, either individually or as part of a combination of moves. Robosapien's ability to act like a human is due to the biomorphic robotics involved in his design. This enables him to walk, talk, dance and pick up small objects to name just a few. He also has IRF (Interactive Reflex System) that enables him to avoid bumping into obstacles. Robosapien is the most sophisticated robot on the market!
Based on the popular children's television programme, the Dora the ExplorerT range of toys feature fun phrases in English and Spanish. The younger our children are exposed to other languages the better, so this range is sure to give children a head start in language learning. The product range focuses on exploration and adventure, encouraging children to take an interest in their own surroundings and the wider world.
Get ready for the return of the original virtual pet. Hatch your egg to find out if it is a girl or a boy then give it a name and care for your Tamagotchi by feeding it. Exercise it by playing games or it will become overweight and unhappy. Nurse it back to health when it's sick, discipline it when it's naughty and praise it when it needs a pat on the back. How you care for your Tamagotchi will determine which characters you will get. Use the new Infra-Red (IR) function to connect to other Tamagotchi, play games, exchange gifts and even have Tamababies if you nurture your friendships with other Tamagotchi owners!
These Tri-Battlized Power Rangers are equipped with armour that can be transformed for 3 modes of play. The armour can be worn on the ranger, configured into a vehicle and reconfigured to create an additional vehicle where the ranger forms the chassis.
Buckaroo - Family favourite Buckaroo has been refreshed by MB games. The original saddle stacking game has a bright new look and an even moodier mule! Featuring three new skill levels of game play, load up the mule and see how much he can carry, but be careful he might buck and everything will fly!

Twister - Spin the spinner and make your move - the last person standing wins! You are sure to get in a twist with this game.

Cluedo - The classic 'whodunnit' game now featuring decorated character movers, restyled suspects, weapons and room cards.
A must-have for 2004 - bounce yourself crazy on a Trampoline!