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it's become a "merry electronic christmas" - more and more people are focusing on the electronic toys as opposed to the classics this christmas
some of the more requested electronic gifts include:
cell/mobile phones
smart phones
notebook computers (laptops)
ultra mini computers
MP3/Video players
Digital cameras
1. nintendo ds
2. apple 20 GB iPod
3. Microsoft XBox 2004 Holiday Bundle
4. IQuest
5. V-smile
6. InteracTV DVD system
7. Little people: a little people christmas
8. Elmo dancing plush
9. Nitro Battlerz Starter set: battle dome with 2 cars
10. Little Mommy Baby Doll Gift Set w/ carrier, stroller, and swing.
this year many children are returning to the classics. trains, dolls, and other oldies are returning to many children's christmas lists.
book: The Sinatra Treasures (by Charles Pignone)
Broadway: The American Musical (by Michael Kantor and Laurence Maslon)
Oscar Night: 75 Years of Hollywood Parties (by GRAYDON CARTER and DAVID FRIEND)
Automobiles of the Chrome Age: 1946-1960 (by Michael Furman)
Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (by Joelle Hoverson, Anna Williams-photographer)
Gardens Around the World : 365 Days (by Mick Hales)
Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food You Can Really Make at Home (by Ina Garten and Quentin Bacon-photographer)
101 Things to Do With a Cake Mix (by Stephanie Dircks Ashcraft)
That Book : ...of Perfectly Useless Information (by Mitchell Symons)
Where is Coco Going? (by Sloane Tanen)
My Christmas Album (My Photography) - (by Richard Elton, Candice Elton, Fran Lee)
books are a huge deal for Christmas this year.
with just a week left, toys are starting to sell out at all store.
David Lee works in the toy department at Target has heard those remarks many times. "We've sold out of the Barbie, we're expecting more, and we sold out of the Bratz heads, but we got more in," says Target Toy Manager, David Lee.
"Bratz dolls, we're looking everywhere for the Bratz twins those are out everywhere," says Mobile resident, Renada Richardson. "PlayStation 2, everybody is out of them," says Mobile resident, Tammy Rogers.
Leap Frog and Princess and Pauper Barbies
Spiderman Web Blaster is very hot. Dora's Magic Hair is also very popular.
video games are just huge this year: X Box Halo and the Playstation 2
For girls:
Bratz doll heads
Barbie Princess and the Pauper dolls
Dora Magic Hair
For boys:
Spiderman Web Blaster
Playstation 2
Star Wars Light Sabers