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What are some ways to react negatively when someone makes a mistake?
Yelling, speaking abusively, moving close to someone in a threatening way, ordering them to leave.
How will outbursts affect your co-workers?
Co-workers will avoid you, will not want to help you out when you need it.
Co-workers will report you to the boss.
Co-workers will waste time needing to recover from your "assaultive" style.
What will emotional outbursts tell the boss about you?
Being overreactive will tellthe boss that you are
dangerous, use too much energy up in anger, leaving little for work and abusive to co-workers.
What can you do instead of an outburst when something bothers you?
Take a deep breath and pause.
Politely ask someone to stop what they are doing that annoys you.
Take a break. Laugh and shrug off the irritation.
How will the ability to control your temper affect your job survival?
Focus on work instead of your feelings.
Maintain friendly relations with co-workers.
Show the boss that you are able to maturely handle setbacks.