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surreptitious adj.
clandestine; covert; fraudulent; furtive; hidden; private; skulking; slinking; sly; sneaking; stealthy; sub-rosa; unauthorized; undercover; underhand; veiled
susceptible adj.
affected; aroused; disposed; easy; given; gullible; impressed; impressible; impressionable; inclined; influenced; liable; mark; movable; nonresistant; obnoxious; open; persuadable; predisposed; prone; pushover; ready; receptive; responsive; roused; sensible; sensile; sensitive; sentient; soft; stirred; subject; sucker; suggestible; susceptive; swallow; swayed; tender; touched; vulnerable
sycophant n.
adulator; backscratcher; backslapper; bootlicker; brownnoser; doormat; fan; fawner; flatterer; flunky; groupie; groveler; handshaker; lackey; minion; parasite; politician; puppet; slave
taciturn adj.
aloof; antisocial; brooding; close; close-mouthed; cold; curt; distant; dour; dried-up; dumb; laconic; mum; mute; quiet, reserved; reticent; sententious; silent; sparing; speechless; tight-lipped; unexpressive; unforthcoming; withdrawn
tactless adj.
awkward; blundering; boorish; brash; bungling; clumsy; crude; discourteous; gauche; gruff; harsh; hasty; impolite; impolitic; imprudent; inconsiderate; indelicate; indiscreet; inept; injudicious; insensitive; maladroit; misunderstanding; rash; rough; rude; sharp; stupid; thoughtless; uncivil; unconsiderate; undiplomatic; unfeeling; unkind; unperceptive; unpolished; unsubtle; unsympathetic; untactful; vulgar
talon n.
hook; nail
tangential adj.
digressive; divergent; diverging; extraneous; unrelated
tawdry adj.
blatant; brazen; chintzy; common; crude; dirty; flaring; flashy; flaunting; garish; gaudy; gimcrack; glaring; glittering; glitzy; jazzy; junky; loud; meretricious; obtrusive; offensive; plastic; poor; raffish; screaming; showy; sleazy; sporty; tacky; tinsel; vulgar
tedious adj.
annoying; arid; banal; boring; bromidic; drab; dragging; draggy; dreary; drudging; dry; dusty; endless; enervating; exhausting; fatiguing; ho-hum; humdrum; insipid; irksome; laborious; lifeless; mortal; pabulum; poky; prosaic; prosy; slow; snooze; soporific; tiresome; tiring; unexciting; uninteresting; vapid; weariful; wearisome
temerity n.
assurance; boldness; brass; carelessness; daring; effrontery; foolhardiness; forwardness; gall; hardihood; hastiness; heedlessness; impertinence; impetuosity; imprudence; impudence; impulsiveness; indiscretion; intrepidity; intrusiveness; overconfidence; pluck; precipitancy; precipitateness; precipitation; presumption; rashness; recklessness; rudeness; thoughtlessness; venturesomeness