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the one on the top of the list for the most wanted christmas present is: the nintendo DS
price: usually $289.00 for the whole bundle which includes the game system itself, 3 games, and a carrying case.
the average customer review is 4 1/2 stars.
2. apple 20 GB ipod
is usually priced around $300 for the original white ipod.

the mini ipods range around $200-$250.
the mini ipods come in different colors but dont hold near as many songs. the mini ipods can hold around 1000 songs while the original ipod can hold up to 2000.
3. microsoft Xbox 2004 holiday bundle
includes the xbox system, a controller, two games, and a memory card.
4. iQuest (purple)
5. V-Smile
6. interacTV dvd system

7. little people:a little people christmas
8. E-L-M-O dancing plush
9. nitro battlerz starter set: battle dome with 2 cars
10. little mommy baby doll gift set with carrier, stroller and swing