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Resort properties often develop policies that regulate how their buyers may deal with suppliers in order to prevent suppliers from ha ving too much control over the purchasing decision. Which of the following is an example:
A. Buyers must take all discounts
B. Buyers may not use local suppliers C. Buyers may not entertain suppliers D. Buyers must accept the lowest bid
C. Buyers may not entertain suppliers
If a convention hotel needs the goods it has ordered sooner than the scheduled delivery date, the hotel's buyer may be asked to put pressure on the vendor to ______ the order.
A. defer
B. expedite
C. suspend
D. postpone
B. Expedite
All the monies owed to a hotel supply business by its customers are known as:
A. accounts payable
B. credit-card charges
C. accounts receivable
D. financial statements
A. Accounts payable
An insufficient cash flow is one of t he main causes of:
A. business failure
B. fiscal stability
C. decreased profits
D. higher prices
A. Business failure
What type of information is often contained in a hotel's marketing-research records?
A. Operationg procedures
B. Advertising objectives
C. Customer buying habits
D. Display schedules
C. Customer buying habits
Why is it important for a bed and breakast's budget to be well-planned?
A. Credit is expensive
B. Pricing is complex
C. Time is valuable
D. Money is limited
D. Money is limited
A type of business ownership in which one or more of the owners does not have full liability is called a:
A. general partnership
B. sole proprietorship
C. limited partnership
D. service organization
C. limited partnership
The ability to quickly and accurately calculate mathematical data is one of the characteristics of a _____ software program.
A. database
B. spreadsheet
C. word processing
D. computer-aided design
B. spreadsheet
A motel wants to purchase computer software that would maintain and analyze customer information in order to better serve customer needs and increase sales. What type of software should the motel buy?
A. Database
B. Spreadsheet
C. Word processing
D. Computer-aided design
A. Database
Which of the following is an example of a pure risk that a golf resort might encounter?
A. Seasonal tornadoes
B. Competent employees
C. Expanding product line
D. Fluctuating stock market
A. Seasonal tornadoes
In which of the following situations would a suite hotel retain a higher risk when obtaining insurance coverage?
A. Increases amount of deductible
B. Acquires additional protection
C. Increases cost of premiums
D. Buys from independent agencies
A. Increases amount of deductible
Freedom from danger, risk, or injury in the workplace is known as:
A. job security
B. occupational choice
C. employer liability
D. employee safety
D. employee safety
Are there government regulations that apply to accidents in the workplace?
A. Yes, government investigates all accidents
B. No, hotels are protected by the Good Samaritan Law
C. Yes, government requires hotels to record accidents
D. No, government does not oversee work-related accidents
C. Yes, government requires hotels to record accidents
"Return" in business management refers to:
A. making profit
B. "bouncing back"
C. elimination the possibility of loss
D. reducing the risk of a financial loss
A. Making a profit
In order for a contract between two parties to be legally binding, one party must make an offer and the other party must accept the offer. This offer and acceptance meets the ____ provision.
A. agreement
B. competent parties
C. legality
D. cinsideration
A. agreement
The laws that set mandatory workplace safety and health regulations are enforced by which federal agency?
A. Federal Trade Commision
B. Environmental Protection Agency
C. Consumer Product Safety Commision
D. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
D. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Food and beverage operations at a ski resort are usually divided into the front of the house and the back of the house. Who would most likely be the head of each house?
A. Waiter and sous chef
B. Cashier and production chef
C. Busser and short order cook
D. Matre d' and executive chef
D. Maitre d' and executive chef
Campgrounds that require at least partial payment for their services in advance usually process these payments as:
A. expenses
B. deposits
C. rebates
D. profits
B. deposits
Hotel clerks often use electronic key machines to produce new plastic "keys" that are encoded with the _______ for the guest's door lock.
A. combination
B. registration
C. explanation
D. justification
A. combination
What should an employee of a hotel restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages do if one of the customers appears intoxicated, has had many drinks, and is stumbling?
A. ignore the customer
B. challenge the customer
C. discontinue alcoholic beverage service
D. serve the customer additional alcoholic bevrages
C. discontinue alcoholic beverage service
Motel managers are more likely to be able to persuade employees to follow new procedures if the managers have
A. credibility
B. organizational skills
C. enthusiasm
D. self-motivation
A. credibility
Which of the following is an example of a simple written report?
A. expansion proposal
B. sales call summary
C. profit-and-loss statement
D. customer relations survey
B. sales call summary
To make sure that employees understand how to complete a new check-in procedure, the front desk manager should explain it and then allow plenty of time for:
A. relaxation
B. recreation
C. practice
D. conversation
C. practice
Hotel managers who conduct staff meetings often assign one of their employees to take:
A. requests
B. messages
C. minutes
D. questions
C. minutes
Tying agreements between producers and distributers might be considered illegal if they substantially limit
A. competition
B. profitability
C. management
D. technology
a. competition
A manager of a large hotel supply company is preparing an invoice for one metal desk at $265.25, a credenza at $215.50, a bookcase at $195.95, and a file cabinet at $82.50. What is the total amount of the invoice if the manager gives a 15% discount?
A. 639.64
B. 642.35
C. 645.32
D. 654.23
C. $645.32
What reason for storage is the government demonstrating when it stores excess food products in order to have them available for victims of floods and hurricanes?
A. to condition the goods
B. to meet expected demand
C. to use in an emergency
D. to accommodate seasonal demand
C. to use in an emergency
Which of the following is a marketing activity that a hotel gift shop should coordinate with distribution in order to successfully sell its product?
A. production
B. orientation
C. promotion
D. competition
C. promotion
WHen planning the storage area, most golf resort pro shops arrange the space so that goods can be
A. rearranged often
B. displayed properly
C. restocked easily
D. dusted regularly
C. restocked easily
Part of organizing an inventory count often involves
A. preparing inventory sheets
B. perparing income tax forms
C. determining when new shipments will arrive
D. determining the age of the products on hand
A. preparing inventory sheets
The desire for friendship belongs in which of the following categories:
A. capital good
B. opportunity cost
C. service
D. noneconomic want
C. service
Which of the following pieces of legislation prevents monopolies from forming and hinders price fixing:
A. Clayton Act
B. Robinson-Patman Act
C. Sherman Antitrust Act
D. Celler-Kefauver Anitmerger Act
C. Sherman Antitrust Act
Which of the following is true of hotel employees whose jobs have high depth?
A. They set their own pace
B. They follow strict guidelines
C. They perform only one task
D. They make very few decisions
B. They follow strict guidelines
Nonunion hotel employees hired to replace union employees who have walked off the job are called
A. masters
B. journeymen
C. apprentices
D. strikebreakers
D. strikebreakers
An increase in population would have the greatest effect on which of the following components of GDP:
A. imports
B. government purchases
C. gross private investment
D. personal comsumption expenditures
D. personal consumption expenditures
Levels of inflation and unemployment are factors that affect ______ in the world market.
A. competition
B. specialization
C. satisfation
D. communication
A. competition
In order to provide goods and services to consumers, hospitality marketing depends on:
A. purchasing
B. accounting
C. managing
D. financing
D. financing
One of the reasons that motels offer credit to customers is that it helps the motels to:
A. obtain loans
B. charge interest
C. compare prices
D be competitive
D. be competitive
The maximum amount that a lodging facility can borrow from a financial institution during a specific period of time is called a(n):
A. charge account
B. open line of credit
C. long-term capital loan
D. determination of credit standing
B. open line of credit
A marketing-information management system can help beach resorts to:
A. motivate employees
B. discover employee potential
C. discover new markets
D. pracitce good business ethics
C. discover new markets
One of the disadvantages to the hospitality business of gathering internal marketing info is that:
A. the data may be out of date
B. data collection is expensive
C. researchers have limited access to the data
D. the data are unrelated to the business's goals
A. the data may be out of date
Researchers should physically review the questionnaires that consumers fill out in order to make sure that the forms are:
A. signed and dated
B. arranged alphabetically
C. completed properly
D. organized by region
C. completed properly
One reason why convention hotels design databases for the retrieval of marketing information is to
A. print mailing labels
B. develop questionnaires
C. contract new vendors
D. enter sales statistics
A. print mailing labels
What to hotel supply businesses often use to communicate report findings and make complex recommendations to customers?
A. printed questionnaire
B. multimedia presentation
C. online databases
D. government documents
B. multimedia presentations
When deciding how to allocate its funds, a campground can use the sales forecast as a planning tool to determine whether ______
cash flow will be a problem.
Do most hotels use the same approach to sales forecasting?
No, each hotel must chose the approach that will best meet its individual needs.
What is a demographic fator that should be considered in selecting a site for a bed and breakfast?
population characteristics
How important are human relations skills in the world of hospitality marketing?
Very important
Part of a management's role in customer relations is to
establish customer-service policies
when dealing with disagreeable customers, a helpful guideline is to _______ the customer
listen carefully
What is an example of a positive effect of conflict?
stimulates creativity and innovation
A client with a confirmed reservation is told by the front dest that no rooms are available. The clerk offers to make arrangements for the client at an adjacent hotel. The hotel has just ____ the guest.
Bill is a front desk clerk who is proud of the speed and efficiency with which he does his job. Some guests with disabilities have complained to Bill's supervisor because they felt rushed. Bill needs to
learn to be more patient with guests
A hotel maintenance supervisor plans what needs to be done and accomplishes those plans by assigning each employee specific
job responsibilites
Resort gift shops that offer flextime usually schedule all employees to work during ____ time.
The purpose of an organizational chart is to
show levels of authority
An external factor affecting recruitment is labor-force conditions because they affect the
number of people looking for jobs
What might an interviewer do during a job interview to obtain info that will assist in the seleciton of the most qualified employees?
Ask structured questions
What should be considered when selecting facilities for job orientations?
Why should an implementation checklist be used for a training and development program?
to ensure that the program will run smoothly
The attitude that employees have toward their jobs and the suite hotel for which they work is known as the employee
Recognizing and correcting situations that may cause employee dissatisfaction are ways that hotels often prevent ____ from occuring.
Expenses associated with the cost of running a ski resort ae ____ expenses.
Hotel gift shops should order only the amount of operating supplies that they have room to:
Motels should review their operating budgets on a regular basis to
control expenses
On an income statement, the difference between the cost of goods sold ans the net sales is
gross sales
What is not a measurable objective for a convention hotel?
inprove communication among employees
When developing a business plan for your bed and breakfast, what should you do after describing your main concept?
outline short-term mid-term, and long-term goals
The dpartment responsible for having guest rooms cleaned and ready for occupancy is the
A convention hotel's marketing staff is having a meeting to discuss ideas for a new promotional campaign. What could be used by this group to come up with a variety of ideas quickly?
What do people usually take into consideration when identifying occupations that they want to pursue in life?
natural talent
Licenses, certificates, awards, and honors should be included in the ____ section of the resume.
Trade associations, rather than professional organizations, are typically more ____ oriented.
Which promotional medium would be most appropriate for a low profit-margin product?
Is the following true or false: There is no connection between a motel's marketing objectives and its pricing objectives.
False, pricing objectives should be used to achieve marketing objectives.
What is a factor that affects the final cost of a product to a resort gift shop buying goods for its pricing objectives?
Which of the following statements regarding selling price is true?
A. Selling price equals cost minus the markup
B. Markup represents profit and operating expenses
C. Eacho hotel gift shop uses the same method to calculate markup
D. The selling price for fast-moving items usually includes a high markup
B. markup represents profit and operating expenses
What is the purpose of screening ideas for new products?
To eliminate some ideas
A business traveler stayed at a hotel that promised, "If you're not satisfied, we'll return your money to you." What is the hotel offerin the guest?
Determine which of the following is a true statement:
A. A good brand name creates an appealing image.
B. Long brand names are more graphically pleasing
C. The more common the brand name, the better it is.
D. Brand names belonging to other firms are available free.
B. Long brand names are more graphically pleasing
When purchasing fresh iceberg lettuce for use in a salad bar, a hotel restaurant employee should look for leaves that are
What type of lighting would a luxury resort probably use to create the appropriate environment in a formal dining room?
What is promotional mix?
The way in which hotels combine promotional methods.
The logotype of a print advertisement identifies the ad's
An important factor in determining rates for outdoor advertising is its
Economy hotels evaluate the effectiveness of their promotions in order to
assess the results
Why is it good practice for a golf resort's news release to include the name of a contact person at the resort?
The media may want to ask questions about the release
What component of a promotional plan tells customers why they should buy a certain good or service?
What can a bed and breakfast obtain form analyzing its past advertisements?
guidance in preparing future ads
What is a benefit to the hotel supply salesperson of building clientele?
Referrals from loyal customers
What do hotel supply salespeople need to explain to customers to persuade them to buy products?
The initial question asked of a customer who wants to hold a banquet at a local hotel should be based on the common buying motives for the service because the customers
often buy services for similar reasons.
In selling, an objection from the customer is considered a(n)
point of difference.
The decision to use suggestion selling should be based on the
needs and desires of the customer.
What would be the most effective way of prospecting for exhibitors to use at a hospitality industry trade show?
collect business cards from visitors to your company's exhibit.
What would be the most effective method of prospecting for exhibitors to use at a hospitality trade show?
Collect business cards from visitors to your company's exhibit
Specific tasks that a manager for a hotel sales and marketing department performs while interacting with employees vary and depend on what?
nature and size of sales staff, type of services being sold, and company structure
Hotel supply businesses usually provide new salespeople with training that includes information about ______.
company background
Suggesting that a guest spend an additional $35 for a larger room with a better view is specifically an example of ____.
What is a reason why hotel front desk clerds record important information about guests during the check-in process?
to deliver messages
It is important for front desk clerks who take telephone reservations to read the reservation request back to the customer in order to _____.
make sure the reservation is correct.