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What meds increase lipids?
- BCPs
- diuretics
- Beta Blockers
- HIV Drugs
- Accutane
What are causes of Secondary Hyperlipidemia?
- Nephrotic
- Hypothyroidism
- EtOH
- DM
TG have to be below?
HDL is low when it is below?
What is the optimal LDL?
What hyperlidemia is associated w/ type I?
lipoprotein lipase def.
What hyperlidemia is associated w/ type II?
no LDL receptors
What hyperlidemia is associated w/ type IV?
lipids assoc w/ DM, EtOH, BCPs
What is associated w/ type V?
poss w/ DKA
What is a good amount of fiber?

soluble fiber is better
What are contraindicated in hypertriglyceridemia?
Bile Acid Sequestrants
What are bile acid sequestrants used for?
Flusing in cholestasis
What drug gives you flushing?
What are the S/E of niacin?
liver toxicity, flushing, glucose intolerance
What are the effects of niacin on lipids?
increase HDL
decrease TG
When do you use fibrates?
pure hypertriglyceridemia
What causes an increase risk of lung cancer in smokers?
Antioxidant beta carotene
What is PAN associated w/?
hep B + Cryoglobulinemia
Tx for PAN?
What is palpable purpura?
vasculitis of some type
- Abdominal Pain
- Rash
- Hematuria
- in a kid after URI?
Henoch Schonlein Purpura
- Sinusitis
- hemoptysis
- renal failure
Wegener's Granulomatosis
What is the serologic marker for Wegener's?
Tx for Wegener's?
Cytoxan and steroids
- Old woman
- HA
- Jaw Claudication
- Visual disturb.?
- PMR (polymyalgias)
Temporal Arteritis
What is the assoc w/ Temporal Arteritis?
PMR (polymyalgia reumatica)
What is the Tx of Temporal Arteritis?
What is the Dx of Temporal Arteritis?
What is the Tx of Raynaud's?
Calcium Blockers
What can you find w/ Raynaud's Phenomenom?
anti-centromere Abs
Kaposi Sacroma is associated w/?
HSV-8 in HIV
Accentuated A2?
Systemic HTN
Accentuated P2?
Pulmonary HTN
Paradoxically split S2?

left bunble branch block

left bunble branch block?
Paradoxically split S2
Fixed Splitting of S2?
What do you find in ASD?
Fixed Splitting of S2
S3 equals?
systolic CHF

volume overload
S4 equals?
Systolic Click?
Loud S1, ***opening snap, diastolic rumble?
mitral stenOsis

machinery murmur?
Tx for PDA?
indomethacin (closes it)
Corrigan's Pulse?
Aortic Regurg
Waterhammer pulse?
Aortic Insufficency or Sepsis
Pulsus paradoxicus?
- Asthma
- Pericardial Tamponade
- Poss. w/ constrictive pericarditis
What is Pulsus Paradoxicus?
drop in BP > 10mmHG on inspiration
Cannon a waves?
- tricuspid stenOsis
- pericardial tampOnade
- complete AV blOck
Prominent "v" wave?
tricuspid regurg.
What is Kussamuls sign?
Inspiratory Rise in Jugulars
Where do we find Kussmaul's Sign?
constrictive pericarditis
Low Ejection Fraction?
Systolic CHF
What is the Tx for systolic CHF?
ACE inhib. then Beta Blockers
What is characteristic of diastolic CHF?
normal to high E.F.
What is the Rx for diastolic CHF?
Beta Blockers 1st line
Shown to decrase death in class III or IV CHF?
What to use CHF in blacks?
(hydralazine+ nitrate combo)
What decreases mortality in CHF in blacks?
hydralazine + nitrate
What is high output failure on the exam?
- Graves
- AV fistula
- Beri-beri
What is the #1 Cause of Death in the US?
What is the test used to rule out CAD in atypical Chest pain?
physiological test w/ thallium

NOT ETT (Exercise Treadmill Test)
Woman w/ chest pain?
Prinzmetal's angina
What is responsible for Prinzmetal's?
coronary spasm
Tx for Prinzmetal's?
Calcium Channel Blockers
What does unstable angina mean?
any change in quality or quantity of angina