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5 requirements for successful grafting

-rootstock and scion must be compatible
-vascular cambium of the scion must be placed in direct contact with that of the rootstock
3-the grafting operation must be done at a time when the rootstock & scion are in the proper physiological stage
requirements for successful grafting

4 & 5
-immediately after the grafting operation is completed, all cut surfaces must be protected from dessication
-proper care must be given to the grafts for a period of time after grafting
2 commonly used options for repair grafting
2-bridge grafting
seedlings are planted around base of the tree, they (or suckers) are then grafted into the trunk of the tree
bridge grafting
wounded area is trimmed back to healthy, scion is inserted and attached at upper and lower ends,important that scion is right side up, graft is then waxed
tools for grafting
knives, tying and wrapping materials, nursery adhesive tape, duct & electrical tape, misc fastenings- nails, flat point staples, plastic graft clips, alum foil & polyethyline bags for wrapping
splints, grafting wax
change the cultivar of an established plant- either by grafting, or by budding
has 3 parts all different, rootstock, interstock, and the scion
Three methods by which grafting can be classified
1-detached scion graftage
2-approach graftage
3-repair graftage of established trees
approach grafting
two independent, self sustaining plants are grafted together. After union has occurred, the top of the rootstock plant is removed above the graft, and the base of the scion plant is removed below the graft