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What are the two tendons that contribute to flexor deformities?
Where are the three points of attachment for the deep ligament?
1) at the top
2) midway at distal check ligament
3) bottom of P3
Where are the three points of attachment for the superficial ligament?
1) at the top
2) midway at proximal check ligament
3) at point of P1 (bottom) and P2 (top)
What is the main cause of flexor deformities?
The rate of bone growth compared to flexor growth. Bone grows longer creating tendon to be constricted constantly.
Where are flexor tendons located?
Back of leg
When do superficial flexor deformities usually occur?
Deep flexor deformities?
superficial= 12-18 months
deep= 3-6 months
What is the major difference in foot positions between superficial and deep deformities?
superficial= foot flat on floor
deep= pulls heel up off ground looking like horse is standing on toes
How do you treat superficial flexor tendons?
Are deep or superficial flexor deformities more common?
Deep flexor deformities are more common.
What causes superficial flexor deformities?
No known reason why.
Which horses have deep flexor deformities? If this is discovered early enough, what solution can be done?
-Almost exclusively in DOD horses with high energy diet.
-Reduce or cut out grains. If nursing on mare still, grains can be reduced in her diet.
How can horses be physically altered if they have deep flexor deformities?
-trim heel and put on a toe extensor
What is the more drastic surgical procedure done for flexor deformities? What is it?
Desmotimy: cutting the check ligament to allow more flexability and less contraction.