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What is heart rate
30-40 beats a minute at rest
What is internal body temp
37.5 degrees celsius
a breed of south american horses a small sturdy horse used as a cow pony.
a dark stripe across the shoulders
crow hops
mild bucking motions
the female parent of a horse
any mark or blemish that impairs usefulness unsoundness.
bonesof the tail cut in shortening the tail
advanced exerses and traing in horse mna ship
dropped sole
downward rotation of toe of coffin bone inside hoof due to chronic founder or laminitis
a stallion
of or pertaning to a horse.
art of riding horse back horse manship
a horn growth behind fetlock joint.
ewe necked
top pieces of leather along the stirrup leathers
1] When you pick up your horse's foot does it:
[a] Give you the foot and then try to put it straight down?
[b] Pick it up for you as you start to bend over?
[c] Move away?
[d] Stand quietly but keep the foot firmly on the ground so you have to pull, push and plead?
[2] When you go to bridle your horse does it:
[a] Move towards you but raise it's head as you lift the bridle towards it?
[b] Move away from you?
[c] Lower it's head while you bit it but raise it as you start to put the head piece over its ears?
[d] Drop his head for you and keep it there while you perform the whole task?
[3] When you go to get on your horse does it:
[a] Start moving in a circle as soon as you approach the near side to gather up the reins?
[b] Stand still until you are two feet off the ground / mounting block but not seated and then move off?
[c] Stand calm and quiet and wait for the first instruction from you in the mounted position?
[d] Stand quietly to be mounted but walk off before you have your right foot in the stirrup?
[4] When you go to catch your horse does it:
[a] Come running up to you but turn away when you reach to put the halter on?
[b] Allow you to walk up to it and put the halter on and then pull you along?
[c] Amble quietly away swishing it's tail and then stand in it's favourite corner?
[d] Come to you, put it's head down for you to put on the halter and buckle it up?
[5] When you drench your horse does it:
[a] Allow you give it the dose and encourage it to swallow?
[b] Put it's head so high that you cannot reach it's mouth?
[c] Allow you to deposit the contents of the syringe then pull away and spit it out?
[d] Stand to begin with but make it impossible for you to push the plunger and administer the dose?
[6] When you go to lead your horse away from it's paddock mates, does it:
[a] As you lead it away, keep circling across the front of you and attempt to pull you back to the paddock?
[b] Lead alongside you but keep calling and looking back?
[c] Lead quietly and attentively?
[d] Stand in the gateway and be reluctant to lead away
7] When you are grooming your horse does it:
[a] Keep moving away making it difficult for you to work on any specific part of its body?
[b] Stand quietly with a relaxed neck with one hind leg at rest?
[c] Attempt to nuzzle you?
[d] Lift it's head, nodding it at times occasionally lifting one hind leg?
[8] When you dismount after a normal work period does your horse:
[a] Bunt you and rub you with it's head?
[b] Fidget in a distracted manner looking for it's companions?
[c] Try and walk away?
[d] Stand quietly with an outstretched neck?
9] When you go to feed your horse does it:
[a] Stay out of your space while you put the feed down and begin eating when you have walked away?
[b] Give bad tempered signals, ears back "It's my dinner" language as you put it down?
[c] Move towards you and then when you get closer with it's bucket almost mow you down?
[d] Stand while you give it the bucket and then turn to chase you away?
10] Will your horse respond to your hand
[a] On a halter?
[b] In a snaffle?
[c] In a snaffle with a drop, flash or grackle noseband?
[d] Only in a Pelham?