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GHIH Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone
Released: hypothalamus
Function: Inhibit Growth Hormone
Trigger: Rem sleep, Physical inactivity
Inhibited: GHRH, Deep sleep, physical Activity
GHRH Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone
Release: Hypothalamus
Function: Release Growth Hormone
Trigger: Deep Sleep, Physical Activity
Inhibited: GHIH, Rem Sleep, physical Inactivity
PRH Prolactin releasing hormone
Release: hypothalamus
function: Stim. secretion of PRL
Trigger: Low PRL levels
Inhibited: PIH
PIH Prolactin Inhibiting Hormone
Release: hypothalamus
function: inhibites release PRL
Trigger: High PRL levels
Inhibited: PRH
Dominate in males and non-pregnant females
CRH Corticotropin Releasing Hormone
Release: Hypothalamus
function: realse ACTH
Intestinal Gastrin
Release: Duidenum
Trigger: Food
Function: Inhibits HCL secrection from stomach and GI tract motility
Release: Duodenum
Trigger: Food
Function: Stim. pancreas to release enzyme-rich juice & bile realese from the gallbaldder
Release: Duodenum
Trigger: Food
Function: Stim. Pancreas to release bicarbonate-rich juice & bile release from liver
Release: Kidney
Trigger: Hypoxia
Function: Stim. bone marrow to produce RBC
ANF or ANP Atrial Natriutetic Factor or Peptide
Release: Heart
Trigger: Increased NA+
Function: Inhibits kidney NA+ reabsorption and inhibits aldosterone secretion from adrenal cortex
Release: Stomach
Trigger: Food
Function: Stim. gastric glands to realse HCl
Release: Stomach
Trigger: Dieting
Fuction: Increases Appetite Decreases use of fat
Released: Hypothalamus
Function: Regulate Gonads, releases LH and FSH from Anterior Pituitary
Latent released at Puberty.