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Most weddings in Shakepeares time were arranged for poliical or ecomonic reasons. The word "love was generally not common. Many Elizabethans had numerous spoused before they hit the age 70 or so.
Average Age without parents will
Boys were 14 and girls were 12.
Shakespeares wedding
Shakespeares wedding was held @ the Temple Grafton and he married Anne Hathaway.
Inside the church
If the wedding took place in a church, everyone stood, there weren't any pews. They had to stand. If the wedding took place in the day, it was generally public.
Clothing: Bride
Wore a dress that was usually a reddish brown color. It had Love knots which the bachelors would snatch off durring the course of the ceremony and pin them on their hats for good luck.
Clothing: Bride
Her hair was usually crowned with a wreath of flowers or wheat and the wheat symbolized fertility. And of course, the most prized posession was her garter.
Cltohing: Groom
The groom was decorated in rosemary which symbolized manliness. Wore stockings which were thrown over the bachelors heads and if it hit the brides nose or head, they were pronounced soon to be married.
There were many cakes at the wedding. One which was dropped on the Bride's head and the pieces told her fortune.
After the ceremony
After the wedding ceremony, the couple was actually chased and harrassed all the way to their chamber. They also undressed the couple and sometimes were even sewn to the sheets of their bed so that the guests made sure they were together that night.
The relatives at the funerals entered with black robes. Before anyone's death, they wrote down what they had wished to wear at their funeral as when as how they wish to be burried.
Death Rate
In thisp eriod there was an unusually high death rate. For women, the main cause of death was childbirth, and for the men, violence.
The Black Death
There was a lot of disease going around because their lack of medical experience, including the black death. 25% of chilidred died before they were 10 years old because they were the most vulnerable to catch a disease. When people died of disease, they were quickly burried and the burial uusally occurred at night.
Funerals and Wealth
Most funerals in this time period were used to show wealth. Many poor people were invited to show off how many people attended and proffessional mourners were hired to make the ceremony more impressive.
Coffins and the Wealthy
Coffins were only used for the Wealthy. Whe the poor had died, they were wrapped in shrouds and then burried.The poor people at this time were basically used and thrown away.
Coffin Decor
The coffins were draped with rosemary representing mortality and evergreen branches symbolizing that the soul never dies.