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Why is it difficult to develop a vaccine for AIDS?
Because it is a constantaly changing virus.
What is the study of bioethics?
Controversial areas -- they are judgement calls...example: embroyonic stem cell research...lots of political stuff
What is the importance of genetic engineering?
can find cures for things and help people with illnesses, etc
What is pseudoscience?
fake science, like astrology dealing with horoscopes...they usually try to make it seem scientific but it is not
Microscope information—differences in high and low, movements and objective magnifications
high power - more detail, not as good resolution though.....stereoscope - one lens - moves same way under microscope....compound microscope - when moving object to left, goes right....lens+objective = total magnification
HGH—what is it and describe the significance of human growth hormone and humans?
stands for Human Growth Hormone, regulates growth
What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative measurements?
qualitative - senses (quality)......quantitative - numbers
What is the study of biology? What are the characteristics of science?
study of biology is the stdy of life...sciecne is testable and follows the scientific method
Creationism vs. evolution—why was it a problem in public schools?
creationism - religoius...evolution - scientific
Galileo’s work in the 17th century—what happened?
Galileo invented the telescope...discovered Jupiter's moons
Darwin’s work—what did he say?
evolution by natural selection
What is the idea of uniformitarianism?
from book - "the principle stating that the geological structure of Earth resulted form continuous and observable processes