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What makes flax fibers preferable to wool fibers for spinning thread for our airplane covering?
They are longer and are easier to spin, and spin alot of.
In an engine, the pistons turn the (fill in the blank)
1. Bronze is a_______ and _________ are much harder, stronger and tougher than pure metals such as copper. (Timeline reports, Kim Tippetts, "What to Make with Bronze.")
Alloy, alloy
The carburetor is to mix the perfect amount of gasoline and __________ so that the engine runs properly. The___________effect is like a partial vacuum which
is a thinning out of the air, a more-than-normal distance between air molecules.
What is one of the steps in the process of turning steam into Electricity?
How it works: the pressure of the steam against the turbine blades moves the shaft, which turns the ‘generator’ and produces electricity and then the used steam condenses back into water for reuse—this cool water is draw from a source nearby. Then electricity goes to a “transformer”
What does the air bath technique involve?
Involves standing out/leaving things out in the sun for an hour or two.
What is the chemical composition of bronze?
Composition of bronze is 95 percent copper, 5 percent tin,
Seal has a strong source of _____________
Vitamin C
Hinges can be made out of shark/seal skin, but first it must be soaked in _______________
What substance do acorns contain which is toxic to humans and can also be used to tan leather?
When making glass, what is the melting point of pure silica?
2,000 OC OR 3,632 OF
What are used to provide structure for the wings?
ribs and spars
When flying, why does a stall occur?
the plane's angle of attack is no longer creating lift.
What is the purpose of tannin in tanning leather?
It keeps the animal hide from decaying
If the equation for lift is Lift=Cl*(ρ/2)*v^2*S, what would happen to the lift if you increased the area of the wing?
Lift would increase
What is lime mortar used for?
If air flows from a wide pipe into a narrow pipe, in which pipe will the air move faster?
The narrow pipe
Explain the elements in the lift equation (i.e. s=area of wing, ñ= air density etc)
p=air density
Cl=lift coeffient
s= surface of the wing
What is peat? What can it be used for?
Accumulation of partially decayed vegetation matter. Burn and build houses.
Briefly define the following terms as they relate to looms: weft, warp, beater.
Weft: the vertical strings
Warp: the horizontal strings
Beater: what presses the warps together
What is lift?
The the air pressure underneath the wing is greater than the top of the wing.
Why are propellers “twisted”?
For the angle of the attack.
2. Which type of wood plane would be the best to use for an all-purpose plane?
a. Block plane
b. Joining plane
c. Smoothing plane
d. Jack plane
d. Jack plane
1. What is the most efficient waterwheel design?
a. Undershot Waterwheel
b. Overshot Waterwheel
c. Breastshot Waterwheel
d. Horizontal Waterwheel
a. Undershot Waterwheel
3. How hot must pottery be heated to in order to be "fired?"
At least 1112 F
What temperature must the forging fire in order to make the iron malleable
1500-1800 Degrees Fahrenheit
What is the difference between laminar flow and turbulent flow?
Smooth and moves in straight lines, turbulent flow isn't smooth and doesn't move in a straight line
4. What is the strongest geometric shape in construction? (and the basic shape we will use in the construction of our fuselage)
5. Early in island history, we took water and either placed it in a container and left it to sit for 12 hours or we poured it through a filter system. This filter system was made by placing sand, crushed rock, charcoal and cloth in a container and then pouring water through it. Our purpose in treating our water in such a manner was:

a. to give those deeply affected by our situation a soothing job, where they could hear the calming sound of water trickling
b. to purify the water from bacteria
c. to remove debris, mud and odors from the water
d. both b and c
c. to remove debris, mud and odors from the water
6. On our island we have made use of animal glue. It takes about three days to make animal glue. However, we have also made some glue for storage. It takes approximately ____ of your time to prepare animal glue for storage, but it will keep _____.

a. 1 month, for 12 months
b. 4 hours, indefinitely
c. 1 week, indefinitely
d. 3 weeks, indefinitely
d. 3 weeks, indefinitely
Milk paint sealant is made up of milk protein and lime; lime is a calcium and milk protein is a _______________.
Oil is known as _____ when its specific gravity is above 1.0 g/cm³.
Name 3 reasons for growing quinoa as our main food staple.
1. More nutritional value
2. Easier to grow on high altitudes
3. Eat the seeds and the leafs
4. Provides all amino acids
Where does one put engine lubrication in a 2 stroke engine?
In with the gas
What is a rain shadow?
When there is a mountain and the clouds can't get past it
What is the Main Function of Landing Gear on the airplane?
so that the propeller doesn't hit the ground
Ailerons cause the plane to do what when they are in use?
The main function of an elevator is what?
Stabilize the aircraft during take off and landing
What happens when you crack heavy oil?
The already distilled heavy oil comes in contact with a catalyst in a chamber with heat and pressure applied. The heavier molecules combine to each other, and the light molecules are free.
What forces need to be overcome to take off?
Inertia of plane and rolling friction
Describe the two processes for smelting iron ore into steel.
a) direct method: heat iron with charcoal, oxidizes, carbon monoxide combines with iron oxide, leaves iron
b) indirect method: use blast furnace.
What is the difference between a 4 stroke cycle engine and a 2 stroke?
How many times the pistons go up and down, 2 stroke: every time it goes down it is pushed by the burning. Better power to weight ratio. 4 stroke: more fuel coefficient.