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Our teacher ____________ us to work together in groups.
a. allowed

b. aloud
My __________ is my mother's sister.
a. ant

b. aunt
On my birthday, I invited _____ guests to my party.
a. guessed

b. guest
I was looking for my new ball but couldn't ______ it.
a. find

b. fined
Climbing the steep mountain was a great _______.
a. feet

b. feat
Because of the flood, we had to _______ from our home.
a. flee

b. flea
Many people have been ill with the ____ this winter.
a. flue

b. flu
We need two cups of ______ to make the cake.
a. flower

b. flour
The horse had a smooth _____ as he ran through the field.
a. gate

b. gait
Birds, chickens, and ducks are types of _______.
a. fowl

b. foul
I ________ we were in for a storm because of the dark gray clouds.
a. new

b. knew
When you come to a comma in a sentence, you need to ______.
a. paws

b. pause
Did you ride all the way up to the _______ of the mountain?
a. peek

b. peak
The little boy would _______ his bike much faster down the hill.
a. peddle

b. pedal
We were fishing at the end of the _______.
a. pier

b. peer
Do you like ________ cake without icing?
a. plane

b. plain
The ____________ of our school is Mrs. Fisher.
a. principle

b. principal
We were singing my favorite _______ at church on Sunday.
a. him

b. hymn
When she bent down, her pants ripped at the ______.
a. seem

b. seam
Cluny and his horde went to ______ the church.
a. sees

b. seize
My father was a _______ in the army.
a. kernel

b. colonel
After yelling for our team at the game, my voice sounded _________.
a. hoarse

b. horse
After plowing the ground, we have to _____ the seeds.
a. sow

b. sew
At the hotel, we stayed in a ______ with two separate rooms.
a. sweet

b. suite
I try not to ________ we I see someone doing something unusual.
a. stair

b. stare
The eagle will ________ through the sky.
a. sore

b. soar
Nashville is the ________ of Tennessee.
a. capitol

b. capital
Be sure the rope is ______ so it will not slip.
a. taut

b. taught
_______ will we be going today after schoo?
a. wear

b. where
I need to know _________ or not you are coming to my house this afternoo.
a. weather

b. whether
_________ you like to come home with me today?
a. wood

b. would
________ jacket is that laying on the floor?
a. Who's

b. Whose
Did you know _______ my best friend?
a. your

b. you're
The airplane _______ has increased because of the fuel cost going up.
a. fair

b. fare
She likes to ______ if she doesn't get her way.
a. wine

b. whine