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How much wood would you need?
I lost my diamond ring on the baseball diamond.
The miner will pick up the pick.
Did the roll roll off the plate?
The lady with the rose rose to meet the actor.
The girl on the right spelled the word right.
Can you pet your pet?
Is that miner a minor?
We heard the speaker on the speaker.
The top is on top of the desk.
Ruth sent the plant on the TV set.
Did he squash the squash?
We will stand by the refreshment stand.
The pitcher poured juice from the pitcher.
I lost my pen in the pig pen
Joshua left his left shoe at the pool.
The head waiter had a cap on his head.
The child wrote a letter on the letter.
Park the car near the park.
I held a palm leaf in my palm.
The pool table is by the swimming pool.
The page turned the page for the king.
Sean has two tickets to the show too.
My aunt was bitten by an ant.
I hurt my eye.
The gnu has a new baby.