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The car will not run. ___ engine blew up.
Its' ,It is ,It's,Its
Carole King sings: ___ ___ late oh baby ___ ___ late, though we really did try ___ make it.
It's, to, it's, to, too
Its, to, its, to, to
It's, too, it's, too, to
Its, too, its, too, to
It's- too- it's- too-to
____ all going __ the lake this summer.
Their, to
They're, to
There, to
There, too

They're- to
I want to ___ why Susan, after saying ___, decided she did not want to ___.
no, know, no
know, know, no
no, no, know
know, no, know
While ___, Melissa wanted to ___ why Jenette and Nicole had said ___ to Julie.
they're, know, no
there, no, know
there, know, no
their, no, know
there- know-no

___ of the students want ___ go ___ the game. Do you want ___ go ___.
Two, to, to, to, too
Too, to, too, too, to
Two, too, to, too, too
To, too, too, to, too
Two- to- to- to- too
Do you want __ know why you used ___ much grease?
to, two
to, to
too, too
to, too
to- too

The car will not run. ___ engine blew up.

Its' ,It is ,Its ,It's

Tommy ___ to learn ___ system so he could ___ how to teach it.
meant, there, know
meant, their, know
ment, there, no
mindt, their, no
Meant- their-know
Even though she did not ___ anyone ___, Erica went anyway.
know, their
know, there
no, there
no, they're

___ I'm telling you that Anthony is smart, but he doesn't ___ everything.
No, know
Know, know
No, no
Know, no

There is ___ much talking sometimes in classes.


Look, ___ eyes are blue ___.
it's, too
its, to
it's, to
its, too
its, too
Look over ___ if you want __ see Danielle's new boat.
they're, to
there, to
their, too
there, too
there- to

He said, ___ ____ new car, not mine.
its, they're
its, their
it's, their
it's, there
it's- their

While going __ the store, __ men saw the women of __dreams.
too, two, their
to, two, there
to, too, their
to, two, their
to- two- their

Colin intentionally did it; therefore, he ___ to do what he did.
mint ,meant ,mindt ,ment

___ leaving tonight in order to get ___ by morning.
They're, their
There, their
Their, there
They're, there

He said, ___ ____ new car, not mine.
it's, there
its, they're
its, their
it's, their

___ many kids act without thinking.
Too,to, Two ,To
You ___ can go ____ the store with Nick.
two, to
two, too
too, too
to, too
Two- to

Since Lindsay will more than likely be there, she will ___ be there.
probably,probaley ,probly ,probaly

___ like this. Every choice you make has consequences. Let your ___ guide you.
Is, contscience
It's, conscience
it's, consious
its, conscious
Let's join the student ___.
council,councel ,counsel ,counsil