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Who were the first species of mankind?
The Australopithecines.
What time period did the Australopithecines live?
They lived in the time period from 4 million to 1 million B.C.
Where in the world were the Australopithecines found?
Southern Africa and Eastern Africa
What was the brain size of the Australopithecines?
Brain size 500 cubic cm
Who were the first humanlike creature to walk upright?
The Australopithecines
The Homo Habilis live in what time period?
2.6 million to 1.5 million B.C.
Whose brain size was 700 cubic cm?
Homo Habilis
The Homo Habilis was the first to make what?
stone tools
Who was found in Africa, Asia and Europe?
Homo Erctus
What was the brain size of the Homo Erctus?
1,000 cubic cm
The Homo Erctus developed the begining of spoken language. True/False
The Neanderthal was the first to use fire. True/False
False the Homo Erctus was
The Homo Erctus was the first to have ritual burials. True/False
False, the Neanderthal was the frist to have ritual burals.
How long did the Homo Erctus live?
From 1.6 million to 30,000 B.C.
Did the Homo Erctus develop technology?
Yes they did.
The Cro-Magnon had slanted brows. True/False
False the Neanderthal had the slanted brow.
The Neantheral had well-developed muscles. True/False
Did the Neantheral develop religous beliefs?
Yes they did.
How long did the Neantheral live?
200,000 to 30,000 B.C.
Where were the Neantheral found?
They were found in Europe and Southwest Asia.
The Neantheral had th brain size of 1500 cubic cm. True/False
False, the Neantheral had a brain size of 1400 cubic cm.
What time period was the Cro-Magnon around?
40,000 to 8000 B.C.
Where were the Cro-Magnon found?
What was the brain size of the Cro-Magnon?
1400 cubic cm
The Homo Erctus frist created art. True/False
False, The Cro-Magnon was the first to create art.
Were the Cro-Magnon identical to the modern human?
Yes they were.
The Cro-Magnons planned their hunts. True/False
Did the Cro-Magnon stalk their prey?
Yes they did.
Was it the Cro-Magnon or the Homo Erctus who had an advanced skill in spoken language?
It was the Cro-Magnon.
The Cro-Magnon was the first creature to walk upright. True/False
False, it was the Australopithecines who was the first to walk upright.