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"black and tan"
new southern state govs

mostly white

old southern industrialist whigs

educated blacks from north

a few educated blacks from south

"carpet baggers"
what new southern states did
made states more democratice

universal male sufferage

built things

created public school system

increased tax/state debt
republican control....
does not last
klu klux can and other forms of white intimidation took it down
republican support of blacks during grants rule in 1870s

didnt think they need black vote

were afraid in 1875 that they would lose control

violence continues

republican focus shifted from freedpeople to economics
trade organizations in northq
labor organizations grew rapidly
"liberal republicans"
wanted reform in 1872, elected horace greenly fer editor of nytimes (former dem
1876 pres election
republicans elect Rutherford Haynes (honest union officer)

dems elect northern Sam Tilden of new york who had broken Tweed corruption
Haynes is given electino but barley
first thing hayes did
as part of the compromise of 1877, he removed southern fed troups, made economic renomations and put a confed on his cabinet