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April 12, 1861
Confederate bombardment on Fort Sumpter
after fort sumpter; states which joined the confed
virginia, NC, TN, AK

MA, KT, MI still debated
southerners who supported union
upland whites, deep southern yeomen (no slaves), border southerners
northerners who did not support union
northern dems/irish afraid of job competition
civil war resources
Northerners had:
-greater white population
-more factories
-better transportation
-more firearms
-more iron
-more textiles
-more goods

South had;
-millitary/outdoor society

HOWEVER; britain too enjoyed statistical advantages in the rev war
southern advantages
-nothern machine would take time
-millitary society
-northern treasury depleted
-draft animals
-cotton= support from british/french?
-defensive war
-north had to extend supply lines
-north was losing manpower to south
importance of border states to south
virginia; iron works
ohio river; natural border
missouri: road to west/control of mississippi
importance of border states to north
psycological triumph
Ex Part Merryman
Suprieme court rules that only congress can suspend writ of habeas corpus in times of war
border states that stayed
missouri, maryland, kentucky
northern advantages
resoucres! (see civil war resources)
-south had to make new government
"KIng of Spades"
General Lee for building trenches. Defensive warfare was preferrred on both sides
Anaconda PLan
Comanding UNion General Winfield Scott's plan to the attack- blockade land and sea until the northern army was strong enough to make the kill
"Forward to Richmond!"
Lincoln/public wanted a fast war than Winefield scott, - General Irwin McDowell lead 35,000 partially trained troups to Bull RUn, VA
Replaced McDowell, by fall of 1861 replaced Winfeild Scott
"abandon the pennisula campain"
lincolns order to McClellan after he failed to take richmond
Lee invades maryland, eventually retreats
Fort DOnelson and Fort HEnry
Two confederate forts on the Cumberland and Tennesse rivers, taken by Ulysees S Grant so that he could take Tenn and hold the mississippi
Shiloh Church
South counter-attacs ulysis after he took two forts, his army is nearly wiped out
New Mexico
Initially confederats do well- eventually pushed out by coloradoians / Mexican/Americans
Pea ridge
union takess back missouri from south
lincolns blockade
only had 32 ships- complteley ineffective
The Merrimack
A fed ship taken by southerners, renaimed Virginia, and covered in arour- extremely effective against wooden ships
The Monitor
Union iron clad ship
Confederate Raiders
Confederate raider ships many built in england to mess up northern commerce- rather effective. the alabama destroyed 69 uion merchant ships
Coton Diplomacy
Southerners thought that that they could use cotton to get support from Europe- but Europe found cotton in INdia and Eygpt
NOrtherers refered to their new paper money used to finacnce the war. both sides printed paper money to finance war- confederacy suffered serious inflation
South relied more healily on it, north had enormous immigrant pool. still, new york rioted over draft (though that had to do alot with irish v. blacks too)
Alexander Stephens
Davis' Vice President of the Confederacy
Peace democrats of the north, who claimed the Lincoln betrayed the contistuion and that working-class Americans bore the brunt of his conscription policy
Emancipation Prolamation

significant date because Lincoln tried to remain moderate for a while
Finnally a Union victory which gave Lincoln the political leverage to begin abolishment
Fall, Lincoln begins emaciptaion, saying that unless rebel states lay down arms by jan 1st all slaves were free