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Why did the homesteaders move west?
1) It was hard to get good farm land in the east.

2) Lots of homesteaders came from abroad to go to the plains.

3) After the civil war ended veterans wanted to make a fresh start in a new part of the country.

4) The settlers saw painted pictures showing nice houses on the land however the artists might of painted pictures because they wanted the west to looked kind so more people will move there to make a bigger community.

5) Because they wanted to seek a more prosperous life.

6) South Dekota became more popular when Gold was discovered in the black hills.

7) Wyoming is still today the most sparsely popular states in the USA.
There are seven main points.

Keywords to help are:

East, abroad, Civial war, artists, Seek, Gold and sparsely
How did people settle on the great plains?
They had to clear land, chop trees down and use hand tools to plant and harvest crops.
How successful were the homesteaders in adapting to live on the plains?
They found it pretty difficult living on the plains.

1) They had to produce their own food. T

2) They kept animals for food and transport and they hunted.

3) There was lots of work to do.

4) They had to make their own clothes from woolen and linen cloth and used flowers, nuts etc to dye them.

5) They also used animal skins for coats, shoes and working trousers.

6) If a child was sick they gave him/her warm urine because there wasn't a doctor around.

7) They lived in sod houses which get very cold if it rains.

8) Some of the womens jobs were picking up buffalo dung which can get very messy.

9) If they needed help their neighbours sometimes sent their childen to help the family and in return they'd do the same.

10) Everyone in the family had to work including women

11)It was very hot which made it hard for crops to grow.

12) They made their own candles from animal fat it was a messy job and took a long time.
There are 12 points to this answer.

Keywords to help are:

Food, animals, work, cloth, coats, Urine, cold, dung, help each other, women, crops and candles
What new inventions and techniques were there?
Turkey red meat was brought from russia this helped the plains.

john Deere invented the sod buster - it helped cut into the earth and turn it ready to cover the planted seed.

Joesph Glidden invented barbed wire - it helped stop stray animals coming into your property and it was cheap.
Turkey, Deere and Glidden
Why did some homesteaders find it so difficult to make a success of their homesteads?
1) The quality of their land was poor.

2) dry soil made it hard to grow crops so there was a lack of food.

3) There were no fences to protect their land so this made it hard because cattle often came on and destroyed any crops they hard.

4) Their land was in the path of the long drive.

5) The wives of the households would get very angry because they would be alone while their husbands and children would be working on the farm.

6) The land they had was very long so they couldn't see the next home.

7) There was a lack of community.

8) The Johnson county war had a lot to do with difficulty for the homesteaders as the barons wanted the homesteaders land, this was hard to sort out as there wasn't a real order of law.

9) The homesteaders wanted to keep their land however some homesteaders were successful with their land because they were put in places where communities were already set up and they weren't in the path of the long drive so no cattle came upon their land and in the war the barons didn't want their land.
Their are 9 main points to this answer.

Here are some keywords to help:

Quality, soil, fences and destroyed crops, long drive, angry wives, long land, community, war, barons and lack of law
Explain the homestead act.
The 1862 homestead act

1) politicians in Washington DC wanted to see US citisens in the new western teritories.

2) The homestead act stated all heads of households were men over 21.

3) These people received 160 acres of land in the western teritories.
1862, politicians, 21 and 160
Internet explaination of the homestead act
1) The Homestead Act of 1862 has been called one the most important pieces of Legislation in the history of the United States.

2) Signed into law in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln after the secession of southern states

3) this Act turned over vast amounts of the public domain to private citizens.

4) 270 millions acres, or 10% of the area of the United States was claimed and settled under this act.

5) A homesteader had only to be the head of a household and at least 21 years of age to claim a 160 acre parcel of land.

6) Settlers from all walks of life including newly arrived immigrants, farmers without land of their own from the East, single women and former slaves came to meet the challenge of "proving up" and keeping this "free land".

7) Each homesteader had to live on the land, build a home, make improvements and farm for 5 years before they were eligible to "prove up".

8) A total filing fee of $18 was the only money required

9) but sacrifice and hard work exacted a different price from the hopeful settlers.
Read this will help with more information and more POINTS to earn in an exam!!