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neurological problems w/ icy electric pain
as if back would break on bending
cough ends in sneezing
anxiety about health. mind-delusions-mushroom etc
weakness after involuntary passing of stool w/ urine just after eating
grape-like hemorrhoids > cold applications
< heat & summer. burning pains (soles of feet).
swollen rosy hot inflammation, constriction < heat & > cold
high-pitched shriek, awkward, thirstless, restless, sleepy, apathetic
anus seems always open
intolerable pain (phys/mental) driving to violent suicide
as if heart stopped followed by thump, as if heart turning around
intolerant of contradiction; brooding. > music
wandering pains radiate outward from one point, < jarring
nausea before breakfast. feeling of a cap on head
developmental delays in kids, h/a w/ diarrhea at menarche
genupectoral sleeping position. colic from cold foods, < cold damp
discontented, peevish, desire to travel
Calc Phos
constant rapidly-progressing pain before, during, & after urination
severe burning pains (with each drop of urine, or on touching skin lesion)
maniacal rage w/ biting, amorous frenzy
paralysis of single parts from exposure to cold wind
UTI from forced retention
desire to cough deeper, aphonia in public speakers
> damp weather. repeats question before answering
suffocative cough on 1st waking, ends in vomiting clear ropy mucus
cough < warmth & slight touch, cough > cold
chilly, ailments from cold weather
Coccus cacti
hard tumors (esp breast), swelling, pain < jarring
impotence w/ inc desire. perspiration on first lying down
painless ascending paralysis
averse to company yet fear of being alone
epilepsy from suppressions, dentition, anger. paranoia, mania
centrifugal seizure, lies on abdomen & jerks buttocks up
cough > drinking cold water
increasing desire to urinate after passing copious clear urine
habitual causeless noctural enuresis
severe pounding h/a < sun, motion; > pressure, open air, cold
loses way on familiar streets
eruptions w/ honey-colored sticky exudates, brittle nails
impotence. late menses w/ bead-like constipated stools
< cold; > walking in open air
weeping alternating w/ irritability, timid, dissatisfied
whooping cough w/ epistaxis asthma w/ rigidity & cyanosis
constant nausea w/ clean tongue, hemorrhage. one cheek cold & one hot
nausea not > vomiting. thirstless. contemptuous. < fatty foods & etOH
respiratory dz (R lower) < 2-5 am, > leaning forward, w/ copius d/c
as if punched in stomach when startled. stitching pains. < open air.
lumbar pain extending down thighs > hard pressure, must stoop over
edema above eyebrow. desires company yet treats them horribly
Kali carb
anxious, fearful, ailments from stress, work, worry, bad news
flies into rage, aversion to family simply from stress
Kali phos
desire to shoot himself, won’t do it due to sense of duty to family
asthma < warm damp weather & 4-5 am
LLL pneumonia, must sit up to cough
R-sided flatus pain, diarrhea after getting up in am
ailments from head injury (mental dz, seizures). < music
Nat sulph
cyanotic R throat pain extending to ears > cold, < warm
nipple pain radiating over body while nursing
painless watery diarrhea w/ bitter taste, during dentition
bending forward, rubbing, warmth
occipital h/a radiates over head to R eye, which feels squeezed out
h/a w/ red face, hypersensitivity. > vomiting
cough from tickling behind sternum, ends in eructation, w/ rusty-colored sputum
gripping, cutting pain in meatus at end of urination, > standing
cracking of skin around fingernails
internal heat > external warmth
indifference to loved ones. < consolation. > occupation/exertion
bearing down sensation; sensation of ball in rectum; pains > hard pressure
yellow-brown saddle across face. desires pickles, vinegar
nausea w/ deathly pallor > uncovering abdomen & cold open air
h/a like hammers, as if from a band around head, < sun