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Rattling mucus w/ inability to expectorate
Overpowering weakness after vomiting
Ailments from vaccinations
Antimonium tart
Chilly; sour perspiration < cold
Takes cold easily from cold weather
Constipation ameliorates
Sensitive to cruel stories, many fears
Calcarea carb
Burning heat subjectively, cold objectively, must be fanned
Never well since illness, infections become deep & chronic
Upper abdominal distension > eructations
Carbo veg
Cough < anger
Capricious, irritable
One cheek pale, other red
Rubs nose frequently
Arches back, stiffens with anger
Glowing red face w/ cyanosis around mouth
GI pain < light touch, > hard pressure
Distension not amel by eructations or passing gas
Oversensitive, great weakness from loss of fluids
Cinchona (China)
Ailments from anger w/ indignation
Cramping pain > hard pressure & warmth
Easily offended, < company
Paroxysmal darting pains > bending backward, stretching out
Early inflammatory conditions w/out characteristic sx
Pallor, fever w/ hemorrhaging
Cheerful by day, poor mood at night
Ferrum phos
Extremely sensitive to cold, cannot uncover
Irritable, violent from slightest cause
Desire to kill with a knife
Hepar sulph
Ropy mucus w/ pain at root of nose, punched-out ulcers
< 2-3 am, on waking
Fear of suffocation, sensitive to touch on neck
Left  right
Loquacious, suspicious, lascivious
Lower GI borborygmus after eating small meals, > flatus
Right  left
Desires company, yet doesn’t want to be bothered
< 4-8 pm, second wind after 8 pm
Performance anxiety w/ false bravado
Paroxysmal downward-shooting pain > heat, also > pressure
Mag phos
Weakness, slowness, coldness, perspiration that stains yellow
Mapped tongue w/ offensive odor, excess salivation yet feels dry
Anxiousness, paranoia of impending evil at night
Intolerant of direct sun, < becoming heated
Dwells on long past events, with thoughts of hatred & revenge
Weeps when alone; < consolation, company
Natrum mur
High fever w/ normal pulse
Bright fire-red tongue w/ offensive odor
> changing position, < continued motion
Foreign objects with splinter-like pains
Bashful stool (starts to come out then goes back in)
Ailments from suppressed offensive foot sweat
Stubbornness w/ lack of confidence
Extreme weakness, hollow sensation in chest
Sweet-tasting sputum, easily expectorated
GI colic > hard pressure
Stannum met
Cystitis after sex, burns when not urinating (also during)
Sensation of drop of urine rolling along urethra
Pain in the incision of wound
Ailments from indignation, does nothing when angry
Extreme coldness, yet violent thirst for cold drinks
Vomiting & diarrhea at same time
Deceitful, restless, despairs social position
Veratrum album