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Anxiety while anticipating an engagement or test. Hurried; impulsively walks faster and faster with anxiety. Strange pulsations in pit of stomach. No interest in food.
Sometimes trembling with anxiety.
Argentum nitricum:
On the physical plane gastrointestinal and neurological systems are the most affected.
Chron's dx with blood and mucus in stool. Desires company, particularly when anxious. Exhausted slightest exertion.
Arsenicum album:
Stomach pains ameliorated by drinking milk.
Sudden nausea after amusement park ride. Exhaustion with cold sweat. < least movement, eyes open. > fresh air, uncovering abdomen
Terrible faint, sinking feeling at pit of stomach.
Intolerance to onions.
Craving or aversion to onions and garlic.
Heaviness in stomach after eating.
Thin greasy face and lank/straw-like hair. Warts on hands. Sensation of something alive in the abdomen (Croc.)
Indigestion from dietary indiscretion. Weak digestion.
Craves Pickles.
< warm room!
Antimonum crudum:
Thick, white coating on tongue like fur or "like snow."
Cough entering warm room.
Stomach greatly distended. Irritable before meals and dopey after meals. Loud rumbling in the abdomen. Eructation and flatus. Windy!
Early satiety.
Wakes at night to eat. Bulmia. Craves: Sweets.
Aversion: Cold drinks.
It's as if there is a stone in his stomach. Oppressive headache in morning after last night's partying.
Nux vomica
Shy child who is reluctant to go to school. Constipation without an urge to stool.
Calcarea carb.
Craves Eggs and Sweets.
Diarrhea, sudden urging for stool, esp. in morning.
Involuntary stool especially when passing flatulence.
Flatus hot. Stool mucusy.
Lienteric stool. Abdomen like a drum. Profuse sweating at night.
No relief from eructation or expelling gas.
Colitis, Gastritis. Peptic Ulcer: Awakes at 5-6am (aloe); Appetite ravenous. Appetite increased with headache. Craves chocolate, ice cream. Salty. spicy. Alcohol.
Craves cold drinks which are > but vomited when warm in stomach.
Red anus. Morning diarrhea drives him out of bed. < 11am.
< suppressions; bathing.
Dysenteric stool occurs every time patient eats or drinks. Stools jelly-like. Sudden cramps. > hard pressure
> doubling over
stool undigested, thin, greenish; Intolerance of milk; < dentition
> open air, company
Linteric stools. Chopped white and yellow mucous like chopped egg and spinach. < teehting, night,
> being carried
Diarrhea in morning after rising.
Sudden urge to stool.
Diarrhea with flatus.
Acute and chronic hepatitis; cholecystitis; in liver and gallbladder disease often has the desire to lie on right side with legs curled up. Craves yogurt.
Cheerful after stool.
Natrum sulphuricum:
< damp weather-rainy, foggy
< warm humid weather
> After stool.
Diabetes mellitus.
Asthma worse 4 am
Colic, green water, frothy like frog scum; undigested milk in nursing children; < every 3 weeks
Aversion to Vegetables and fruit.
Mag carb.:
Unrefreshed in morning on waking, lasts an hour or more.
Bloody and slimy stools < night; pain and tenesmus; never get done sensation; easy profuse sweat; much prostration. Extreme thirst. < lying on right side
G.I. Profuse, purulent, putrid, projectile.
4 am diarrhea; during teething with hot glowing cheeks.
Flatulence: Distension of abdomen. Stage fright. Fluids go right through him.
< left side.
Argentum nit.:
Severe loud eructation
Flatulent colic > passing gas; eructations from undigested food;
Carbo veg:
< warmth, depletion
< exhausting diseases
< rich food
> eructations
Flatulence: Belching gives no relief. < touch, vital losses
Smell of food causes nausea even to fainting. > doubling up
Cold and weak but sensitive and restless.
Flatulent colic forces patient to bend double (Coloc); relieved by rubbing, warmth, pressure; belches gas which does not relieve (china); bloated full sensation in abdomen; loosens clothes, walks about and constantly passes flatus.
Mag phos:
Great amel. from heat and pressure.
Dysmenorrhea, better warmth, better pressure.
Drawing sensation in abdomen, most characteristically at the umbilicus.
Drawing, contracting pains.