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How many user interfaces are available for home builder Management?
Two interfaces.
a- The lot workbench
b- Sales workbench
What are the key features for home builder management?
1-Accomodate regional purchasing and sales practices by area or community.
2-Track the information that is unique to builder's construction and sales process.
3-Gather, process and stores information about profitability of specific communities, lots and option.
4- Develop community proforma analysis based on operational and financial assumptions.
5-Control consts effectively and efficiently.
What are the key tables for home builder management?
1- F0011
2- F0901
3- F0911
4- F0401
5- F0411
6-Purchase Order Header (F4301)
7- Purchase Order Detail (F4311)
8-PO Ledger file (F43199)
10- Extended Job Master (F45108)
11-Cost Codes for the lots are store in F0901(Account Master)
When does Home Builder integerates with General Accounting?
When a lot is closed or payment is processed.
When does Home Builder integerates with Accounts Payables?
When an invoice is entered.
When does Home Builder integerates with Procurement Management?
To Store Commitments
When does Home Builder integerates with JOB Cost?
During Lot Start Process.
To manage bugets, commitments, actual costs, projected final amounts.
When does Home Builder integerates with
Service Management?
To create install base records for the information regarding.
What application do we use to work with Options?
P44H01 (Work with options)
What do we need to setup in advance of using HomeBuilder Management?
Plans and elevations
What is the menu item for seting up the foundation?
What report do we use to print out the communities?
What report is used for getting the information on Plan Master?
What application is used to add the information regarding LOTS?
What application is used for sales management?
What is the application for Job Status Inquiry?
What is the application for Home Builder Activity Rules?
What is the application for Home Builder Outbound notification?
What does wild card mean for options?
It only broaden the search criteria on the screen.
What application do we use to build a comunity proforma?
Community Pro-Forma program (P44H102) to forecast projected profits and manipulate key profit drivers.
Why do we need to know comunity proforma?
The cost and risks involved in developing a new community can be significant, given the high cost of land and construction materials. Therefore, you need an initial picture of profitability in order to justify and secure the required capital.
Define Bids?
Bids are lump sum purchases of labor and materials. Also known as turnkey building, a builder subcontracts work to build a specific plan and elevation within a specific community. With a bid contract, the subcontractor is responsible for purchasing the labor and materials needed to complete the construction or service task
Define take offs?
The lists of materials and quantities required for the job are known as takeoffs. You typically use takeoffs when you purchase labor and materials separately. With takeoffs, you are typically responsible for setting up, maintaining, and ordering the correct items for construction
What are the two types of HomeBuilder Purchasing systems?
2-Take offs
How does E1 creates Bid in the system?
system creates bids using a similar approach to the contracts that are created in EnterpriseOne Procurement system. You define a bid header and the associated bid detail information
How does E1 creates takeoffs in the system?
Takeoffs involve:
1-defining items
2-associating correct item quantities with plans
5-defining prices for those items
What is the bid header table?
What is the bid detail table?
What menu is used for adding bids?
What is the menu for entering sales information?
Sales and escrow menu is G44H22
What are the features of Sales Workbench program
Manage the sale and all related information
Perform lot configurations
Perform cancellations and transfers
Simplify the closing process
Review sales analysis, audit trails, and controls
What are the benefits of using Sales and Configuration feature in Home Builder?
1-Assign a Buyer to a lot
2-Configure a correct plan, elevation, swing and options on the lot.
3-A buyer is not required for a model specification house to be built on any given lot.
4-The same form can be used to configure a model home specs what we use during the sales of a home.
What is the Program id for sales work bench?