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How do you call the little old men who live in the forest?
What color does everyone wear on Saint Patrick´s Day?
What is the name of the three-leafed clover?
What does the Shamrock represent?
The father, the son and the holy spirit
What is the Leprechauns´ treasure?
A pot of gold
How can you make a Leprechaun tell you where his treasure is?
By pinching him.
Why do people wear green on Saint Patrick´s Day?
So nobody will pinch them.
What do Leprechauns do?
They are shoemakers.
What should you find on Saint Patrick´s Day that will bring you good luck?
A four-leafed clover.
When do we celebrate Saint Patrick´s Day?
On March 17.
Why do we celebrate Saint Patrick´s Day on March 17?
It´s the date Saint Patrick died.
How do you spell Shamrock?