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What was Satnley's father trying to do?
Find a way to recycle old sneakers
What was Stanley's nickname?
Who was the main character in Holes?
Stanley Yelnats
What was a the Treasure?
A suitcase full of jewels, bonds, and stock certificates
What was the name of the camp Stanley was sent to?
Camp Green Lake
Who found the treasure?
Stanley and Zero
What did the camp do to Zero's files?
Erased most of them
Who was the main character in Holes?
Stanley Yelnats
Name 3 of the boys who lived in Stanley's tent.
Zero, Armpit, X-Ray, Squid, Zig Zag, Magenet
Whose shoes was Stanley accused of stealing?
Clyde Livingston
Who was the main character in Holes?
Stanley Yelnats
What was the name of the boat Zero was hiding in?
The Mary Lou
Who was Mary Lou?
A mule owned by Sam the Onion Man
Who was Stanley replacing in Group D?
Barf Bag
Why was the Yelnats family cursed?
Because Elya Yelnats broke a promise ti Madame Zeroni
Why were the campers digging holes?
Because the warden was looking for treasure
Name three of Stanley's tent mates.
Zero, Magnet, Zig Zag, Armpit, or X-Ray
What size hole was each camper required to dig every day?
5 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep
How many spots do poisonous spotted lizards have?
Why wouldn't the yellow spotted lizards bite Stanely?
He had onion juice in his blood from eating onions and they didn't like onions.
What did stanley do to the water truck?
He drove it into a hole
Who did the teasure really belong to?
Stanley's great grandfather
What was the peach flavored liquid Zero drank to survive?