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Who is the author of To Kill a Mockingbird?
Harper Lee
At what point does Scout finally put herself in Boo's shoes?
When she stands on the Radley porch.
What type of characteristics does Scout discover that Boo Radley possesses?
He is shy and childlike
During the final argument which Atticus poses to the jury, he states that there is one human institution which makes all people equal and this is...
a court
According to the testimony given by Tom Robinson, how did Mayella Ewell get Tom into the house?
She asked him to fix the hinge on the door.
Why does Jem destroy Mrs. Dubose's camellias?
because she called Atticus a nigger-lover
When do Jem and Scout sit with the Negroes in the balcony?
during the trial in the courtroom
What reason does Atticus give Scout and Jem for Mr. Cunningham's actions at the jail?
He was basically a good man, but he had a blind spot.
The reader knows that Bob Ewell has committed these crimes, can you name them?
1)assault with intent to kill; 2) keeping his children from school; 3) beating his daughter
What act does Scout commit on Christmas Day at Finch's Landing?
Scout beats up Cousin Francis
What important lesson does Atticus teach Scout?
That you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view
Scout has a conversation with someone about getting to tell her side, who is it?
Uncle Jack
Who does Scout find in her room, after Atticus sends her to her room when Scout and Jem have a fight?
She is surprised to find Dill in her room
Why does Atticus sned Jem to read to Mrs. Dubose?
Because Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict and she used the distraction of reading to break the habit.
How is Tom Robinson finally killed?
by prison guards
In what state and what year does the setting of the novel take place?
The setting of the novel takes place in Alabama in the 1930s.
Can you name in what occupation Atticus Finch belongs?
He is a lawyer
One character saves the lives of Scout and Jem at the end of the book, who is it?
Boo Radley
There are two characters in the book, which represent mockingbirds, who are they?
Boo Radley and Tom Robinson
For what reason, does the author convey to the reader, that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird?
Because they do not harm anyone
The novel is in a first person narrative, from whose point of view it it written?
How would you describe Tom Robinson?
honest and hardworking
What type of costume does Scout wear in the Halloween pageant?
a ham
Why does Miss Maudie move in with Miss Stephanie Crawford?
Miss Maudie's house burns down
Of what crime, does the jury find Tom Robinson guilty of?
the crime of rape
What happens to Scout's mother when she is very young?
She died when Scout was very young
Why are Scout and Jem not impressed when they meet Dill Harris?
They are not very impressed because he can read.
What happens to Scout and Jem at the end of the book?
They are attacked
How many years cover the action of the novel?
three years
What words would you use to describe Heck Tate, the sheriff?
as a wise and tolerant person
Which character is the son of a poor but honest farmer?
Walter Cunningham
Which character teaches Scout to read?
Atticus Finch
Which character hides surprises in a tree for Jem and Scout?
Boo Radley
Which character mistrusted his daughter?
Simon Finch
Which character attempts to break into Judge Taylor's house?
Bob Ewell
Which character gives Helen Robinson a job?
Mr. Link Deas
What is the name of Scout's teacher
Miss Caroline
Which character is the author and producer of the Halloween pageant?
Mrs. Merriweather
What is the name of Uncle Jack's cat?
Rose Aylmer
What is the name of the town's social outcast who knows true justice?
Mr. Dolphus Raymond
Who beats up Mayella Ewell?
Bob Ewell
Who's left arm is crippled from a cotton gin accident?
Tom Robinson
Who defends Tom Robinson?
Who tells Scout to never kill a mockingbird?
Who seldom leaves the house?
Boo Radley
Who does Scout plan to marry?
Which character spits in Atticus's face and threatens to kill him?
Bob Ewell
Which character disapproves strongly of the manner in which Atticus is bringing up his children?
Aunt Alexandra
Which character kills Bob Ewell?
Boo Radley
Atticus mistakenly thinks another character killed Bob Ewell, who is it?