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5 enduring issues in psychology
Nature vs Nurture
Stability vs Change
Diversity vs Universiality
Mind - Body
3 Stages of Psychology History
Science of the mind - just starting to apply the scientific method
Behavorism - behavoir is most important
Cognitive revolution - mental processes
Structuralism believed that thought could be broken down into these three components
Physical sensation
The cognitive revolution replaced the "tabula rosa" idea of a childs mind with...
the perspective that children are aware, competent and social
Cognitive Psychology uses this machine as a model...
the computer
Positive Psychology focuses on...
what makes people flourish...families, work, environment, communities...
Name 3 research methods...
Correlational Research
Experimental Research
Theory is...
a set of principles that explain and predict a set of facts.
Facts are...
things that are observed to be true.
Hypothesis is...
An educated guess (based on theory) that tries to predict an outcome.
Good Theory has these qualities...
Summarizes a wide range of facts
Makes very close predictions
Can be confirmed or denied
can be modified
Generates new research
suggests practical applications
Correlational Research allows us to...
predict relationships or associations between variables.
Reasons that we can't imply causality in a correlation...
Directionality problems
Third variable problems
Experimental Research has these two types of variables
Independent and Dependent
In research you must do a series of studies to show causality... True or False?
Surveys use the following method to obtain information
A questionnaire
A representative sample must include..
people that represent every person in the group that you want to apply results to.
A convience sample is...
a sample that is easily available.
Problems with surveys include...
Order of questions
Response options
Wording of questions