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laargest desert on earth ; stretches across northern Africa
How were the Bantu-speaking people able to travel over so much of Africa?
The Bantu had many materials and tools that other African peoples wanted, such as iron weapons and farming tools, and, therefore were often welcomed when traveling
a grain that can be ground into flour or made into syrup
tracing ancestry through the mother
completely dying out the end of an organism
in what ways were cattle important to the early Africans?
Life was centered around cattle, which provided meat, milk, and hides. Cattle were also symbolic, and used in ceremonies. A large herd of cattle represented wealth and power.
dry grassy area/ plain... they cover nearly half of Africa
The Niger, Benue, Volta, and Senegal are...
the major rivers of western Africa.
water that does not contain salt
Why was salt so important in ancient times?
In the days before refrigeration, salt was crucial for preserving food. It is also an essential part of the human diet.
tracing ancestry through the father
How were the rivers used by the people of the sub-Sahara?
Rivers were used as "highways" and for fishing. Crops were also grown in the fertile soil on the river banks.
refers to the area south of the Sahara desert.
What is the source of our knowledge about the Nok people?
We only know them by their art and other artifacts we've found. We can also trace their movements by studying languages spoken by Africans today.
ties among family and relatives
What were some of the uses the people of West Africa found for the wild animals of the area?
Early Africans hunted the wild animals for food. They used their hides for clothing and to make huts, and elephant tusks were used for jewelry and furniture.
means"shore" it refers to the southern shore of the Sahara desert
How were the savanna areas important to the ancient Africans?
the savanna areas were used to plant grains for cooking, and the grasses were fed to domesticated animals.
when one group has complete control over a business activity
How was the Sahara different 3,000 to 8,000 years ago from the way it is today?
The Sahara was green and productive. Wild animals raomed the fertile land. Today it is a hot, dry desert.