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1. Describe what supervisors can do to create a safe and healthy work environment.
*Become familiar with the occupational health and safety legislation governing their operation.
*Enforce health and safety standards throughout the organization.
*Protect employees from physical hazards, unhealthy conditions, and unsafe acts of other employees.
2. Cite 6 measures that should be taken to control and eliminate health safety hazards.
*Take every reasonable precaution to ensure Employee safety.
*Inform and train employees about safety and Health requirements in the organization.
*Keep records and investigate any accidents.
*Involve employees in identifying and eliminating health and safety problems *Provide safety training programs and emphasize the importance of health and safety in the workplace.
*Enforce safety procedures.
3. List 4 current workplace health and safety issues.
*Indoor air quality, Including second-hand smoke
* Repetitive strain injuries *Communicable diseases
*Workplace violence
5. Explain 3 roles of employee assistance programs.
*Organizations recognize that personal problems can create organizational problems.
*EAPs provide employees in need with appropriate resources.
*EAPs typically cover financial, family, and emotional issues.
4. Describe 4 organizational services and programs for building better health
*Wellness programs that emphasize regular exercise, proper nutrition, weight control, and avoidance of substances contrary to health
*Employee assistance programs *Programs that deal with substance abuse
*Stress management programs
6. Describe 5 ways in which supervisors can support work groups on health and safety matters.
* Create health and safety goals. *Plan for their implementation *Develop a process to assess goal attainment.
*Learn from experience.
*Continually improve the quality of the work experience.
7. occupational injury

*Any cut, fracture, sprain, or amputation resulting from a workplace accident
8. occupational illness

*Abnormal condition or disorder resulting from exposure to environmental factors in the workplace
9. industrial disease

disease resuming from exposure relating to a particular process. trade, or occupation in industry
10. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS]
Documents that contain vital information about hazardous substances
12. employee assistance program

*Program to provide short-term counselling and referrals to appropriate professionals
13. stress

any adjustive demand caused by physical. mental, or emotional factors that requires _ coping behaviour
11. repetitive-strain injuries (RSls]

*Injuries involving tendons of the fingers, hands, and arms that become inflamed from repeated stresses and strains