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Define fermentation
The process whereby yeasts convert the natural sugar in the grapes into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Acid is...
a natural component of wine responsible for the zesty, refreshing qualities of wine. It also helps the wine to age.
Tannin is...
a compound derived from the skins, seeds, and stems of the grapes and from the barrels.
What makes wine taste the way they do?
The variety of grapes used
The complete wine making process includes:
crushing, pressing, fermenting, aging, sulphiting and bottling.
_____is the science and study of winemaking, differentiated from _____which is the study of grape growing.
How are wines categorized and sold?
What is meant by grape variety?
The different kinds of grapes- the different species of grapes.
The two categories of attributes that distinguish each grape variety from the next are?
Personality traits and Performance factors
____are the characteristics of the fruit itself.
Personality Traits
_____refer to how the grapevine grows, how its fruit ripens.
Performance Factors
Personality traits include:
skin color, aromatic compounds, acidity levels, thickness of skins and size of berries.
Performance Factors include:
how much time a variety needs to ripen, how dense and compact the bunch of grapes are, how much vegetation a variety tends to grow.
Quality-oriented wine estates feel that there is a difference between viticulture and agriculture. In what way?
Agriculture seeks standardization, uniformity, high yield, and consistency on a large scale, whereas viticulture wants to utilize the vineyard to influence, aroma, flavor, body, and finish
Factors such as___,___,___,___,___and___are some of the ways in which a vineyard represents a powerful, animate ecosphere.
climate, soil, grape variety, clone, rootstock and spacing
These elements have a profound influence on
aroma, bouquet, body and finish.
____is a term broadly used to describe a wine’s smell.
____is a more complex smell that a wine acquires after aging.
____is the perceived weight of a wine in your mouth.
____is the impression that a wine leaves in your mouth.
It’s the____in the pulp of a grape that’s crucial to vinification, since it will be converted to alcohol.
The____is largely responsible for the wine’s aroma, and flavor, as well as its____and ____.
Skin...color and tannin.
Before a bunch of grapes can be called wine, several essential attributes to consider include:
alcohol, acid, tannin, fruitiness and sweetness or dryness.
Alcohol affects the____, as well as the texture.
is an equilibrium among the components of a wine such that no one characteristic stands out.
____is the most important element in the pulp, other than water and sugar, even though there’s not much present.
Wines that lack acidity are susceptible to____and do not ____well.
spoilage...age well
Tannins belong to a class of compounds called____and come from the____and the____of a grape berry.
When in harmony, tannin is ‘sensed’ as the wine’s____and____.
structure and backbone
Grapevines thrive in____regions were long, warm,____periods allow then to develop.
Why is flowering critical?
So grapes can form
33. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of any climate is the impact of____and____on grapes.
hillsides and mountains
When viticulturists achieve balance in their vineyards, they have a balance between___and___
vigor and fruitfulness
Leaves are critical because …?
The sugar that the leaves produce goes into the grapes.
Dry soil encourages the roots to …..?
Burrow deeper into the earth where they find a more stable environment of moisture and nutrients.
37. Most viticulturalists today believe that the most important soil factor is its...
capacity to drain water.
Total impact of any given site: temperature, climate, weather, sun exposure, soil, rainfall, wind. Total environment of vineyard including soil, climate, and location.
The way the vines are____, ____and____are just as important as the grape variety and climate.
pruned, trellised and spaced
Why is lifting the vines up and spreading the canopy along wires important?
To get more direct sunlight.
Why is the spacing of vines important?
To limit the number of grape clusters produced and bring vines into better balance. The closer together, more roots compete for the same soil, nutrients and water.
What was is phylloxera?
Plant lice that feasts on the roots of the grapevines.
A method of clarifying a wine by siphoning or pumping off solids and pouring it into a different, clean barrel and aerates the wine.
Identify the nine classic wine varieties.
WHITE: Chardonnay
Chenin Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
RED: Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir