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In order for active duty personal to be eligible for the command advancement program (CAP), they must be permanetly or temporarily be assigned to a comand for a minimum of how many consecutive days?
What cranial nerve is responsible for eye movement, size of pupil, and eye focus?
In regards to supply, what type of measurement indicates the quanity of an item, over and above the operating level that should be maintained to ensure that operations will continue of replenishment supplies are not received on time?
DD 1348
For patients who present for non-emergency treatment without a valid ID card, within how many days must a valid ID be provided before the patient is referred for billing as a Civilian Humanitarian Non-indigent?
Upon the death of an active duty service memeber, conmmanding officers are required to write a condolence letter to the NOK within how many hours of a casualty?
Annual contracts are awarded to funeral directors servimg the local area of activities anticipating how many deaths or more a year?
Notices are of short duration, and may not be in effect for more than how long?
1 year
What paragraph of a notice is the cancellation paragraph if the notice cancels another directive?
If a live vaccine is to be administered to a female of childbearing age, how long should you advise the female to avoid becoming pregnant following immunization of measles, mumps, smallpox or varicella?
1 month
Multiple dose vials of the Yellow Fever vaccine that are reconstituted, must be used within how long of reconstitution?
1 hour
Where should health care providers document immunizations, toxoids, and other immunobiologicals that they administer?
*PHS 731 (Yellow Card)
*Electronic database that reports to DEERS
*Health Record
What dental class is a patient given if they have a current dental examination and required non-urgent dental TX or dental re-evaluation for oral conditions, which are unlikely to result in dental emergencies within 12 months?
What type of report is a measure of a unit's dental health readiness?
ODR Report
What phase of casualty care management is the urgent initial surgery required to render a patient stabilized enough to withstand further movement to the next level of care?
Phase II- Forward Resuscitative Surgery
A food borne disease outbreak occurs when how many number of people or more experience a similar illness after ingestion of a common food?
All food service employees must receive a minimum of how many hours of initial food safety training?
When inspecting fish, what would indicate that the fish is fresh?
* Bright red gills, prominent clear eyes
* Elastic Flesh
All meats and cheeses must be consumed within how many calendar days after opening?
Wht species of cockroach is similar in appearance to the America cockroach, except that the adults have a yellow strip along one third of the outside margin of the forewings?
Australian Cockroach
What is the most common indoor species of cockroach especially in and around food service spaces and facilities?
German Cockroach
What type of mite is considered the most important member of the nest inhabiting mites because it vectors rickettsial pox from mouse to man?
House Mite
In support of military weight control programs, each military dining facility will offer reduced calorie menus of how many calories a day?
What stage of dental development is known as histodifferentiation?
Cap Stage
What primary teeth get ready to fall out and make way for eruption of permanent teeth, they go through a process called what?
When teeth have more than one root, what is the region where the roots separate called?
What type of mucosa is found on the inside of the lips, cheeks, vestibule, soft palate, and under the tongue?
Lining Mucosa
Trenchmouth is another name for what type of dental infection?
Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis
If a patient presents to the dental clinic with signs of heavy plaque and calculus deposits, gingival inflammation, localized or generalized gingival bleeding unceratedor cratered papilla, or tooth mobility, what should you expect?
Tricare Prime is available for active duty and families in distant U.S. locations, typically how many miles or more from a military treatment facility?
50 miles
What Tricare plan offers the greatest flexibility in choosing a provider, but will also involve greater out-of-pocket expenses for the patient?
Tricare Standard
What Tricare plan is an HMO-type health care plan that covers all uniformed service members?
Tricare Prime
What includes all measures taken by the chain of command and the military health system promote, improve, conserve, or restore the mental or physical well-being of personnel across the range of military operations?
Force Health Protection
Which OCONUS MTF(s)has a personnel augmentation and bed expansion requirement?
Service members of the rank E-4 and below will be approved for overseas orders if their debt to income ration does not exceed what percentage?
What TSP fund is invested in a bond index fund that tracks the Lehman Brothers U.S. Aggregate (LBA) index?
If you wanted to take money out of your TSP account, what could you do?
* A loan
* A post separation withdrawl
* An in-service withdrawal
By law, you must withdrawl your entire TSP account or begin receiving monthly payments by the TSP withdrawl deadline, which is April 1 of the year after you have reach what age?
70 1/2
On an MC circuit, how do you know when a certain station is ready to receive communication?
A steady read light
Who, on March 31, 1854, signed a treaty with Japan that opened Japan's ports to American trade and provisioning of ships?
Commodore Matthew Perry
Of the following who do you not salute?
* Foreign Military Officers
* Medal of Honor Recipints
* Vice President
* Public Health Service Officers
Vice Presidet
What is the equilavent rate of an Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force?
Senior Chief Petty Officer
What would you find annotated on your page 4 of the service record?
Involuntary allotments being deducted from a Navy member's pay usually means one thing?
Financial Irresponsibility
What is that broad couse of action designed to achieve national objectives in support of national interests?
National Strategy
How many months before an enlisted individuals EAOS/PRD, does the Command Career Counselor ensue that a Sailor meets any prerequisites for transfer (i.e., Screening Requirements, Dependent Entry Approval, Exceptional Fmaily Member (EFM) concerns, ETC.?
4 to 1 months
What provides all enlisted Sailors the opportunity for optimal development of their professional skills, both military and technical, thereby enhancing unit readiness, individual upward mobility, job satisfaction and ultimately the retention of better-qualified Sailors?
Career Development Board
How often should all personnel who have access to classified information receive a refresher briefing that is designed to enhance security awareness?
Once a Year
What Naval message precedence is reserved for messages that furnish essential information for the conduct of operations in progress?
What part of a Naval message begins on the line following the classification line or the passing instruction line when it is used.
What is considered the most important form of performance feedback?
Positive Feedback
What should be given to the PNOK to claim reimbursement or payment for primary expenses, transporation, and secondary expenses?
DD Form 1375, Request for Payment of Funeral and / or Interment Expenses
What refers to the number of request for an item within a given time frame, regardless of the quantity requested or issued?
Frequency of Demand
What Act(s) governs the disclosure of documents compiled and maintained by government agencies?
Freedon of Information Act
What type of appropriations are made for appropriations that require a long lead time for planning and execution?
Multiple-Year Appropriations
What type of invetory is done to measure the stock record accuracy for a segment of material on hand?
Randon Sampling Inventory
In a health record, what form provides a chronological history of the ships and stations to which a member has been assigned for duty and treatment?
NAVMED 6150/4
An important step in the control of communicable disese is the expeditious preparation and submission of what?
Medical Event Report
Acting individually, what muscles rotates the head left or right, and acting together, bend the head forward towards the chest?
Which of the following is NOT part of the alimentary canal?
In a tactical situation what class would you place a patient whose injuries require minor profesional treatment that can be done on an outpatient ambulatory basis?
Class I
The total quanity of spinal fluid bathing the spinal cord is about?
What type of stretcher is the most common used for transporting sick or injured persons?
Stokes Stretcher
After the growth year, an overproduction of what hormone causes acromegaly?
Sutures in the soles palms, back or over oints should remain i place for how many days?
The bloss of the average man contains approximately how man red blood cells per cubic millimeter?
5.0 million
An abnoral white blood cell count of 10,000 to 30,000/mm3 is representative of what infection?
What nerve controls the diaphragm?
Phrenic Nerve
What is the name of the largest white blood cell tat destroys bacteria, foreign particles, and protozoa?
Routine QA program-related documentation must be maintained in a secure location for a period of how many years before disposal?
An infection is considered nosocomial if it first becoms apparent within how many hours or more after admission?
What section of the EDVR contains the Personnel Status Summary?
What information would you find in the EDVR section 10?
Duty preferences that have been received and processed
Who has the title "The Dental Officer, U.S. Marine Corps," and is the staff dental officer to the Commandant of the Marine Corps?
Director of Dental Programs
The commanding officer os the DENBN will designate a dental detachment of 18 dental officers andhow many dental technicians?
all complete physical examinations will include forms DD 2807-1 and?
DD 2808
What results would yo uannotate on form DD 2808?
* HIV Test
* Results of G-6-PD screening
* Results of a current dental exam
What type of diet is used in the TX of hypoglycemia?
Low-card, high protein
A loss of how many pounds per week is the medically acceptable limit for weight reduction?
1-2 lbs.
What fat-soluble vitamin promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption and is required for the fomation of health bones and teeth?
Vitamin D
When treating a victim for heat stroke, you should discontinue cooling when the rectal temperature reaches how many degrees Fahrenheit?
Using the Rule of Nines, if and adult victim is burned over their entire right arm, genital area, front of leg and face, what percentage of the body has been burned?
When suturing, the best cosmetic effect is obtained by using numerous interrupted simple sutures placed how far apart?
1/8 inch
What CBR agent has a faint bitter almond odor?
Hydrocyanic acid (AC)
What type of CBR agent leaves symptoms of lacrimation, eye pain, photophobia.cough, respiratory irritation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin erythema and itching and headache?
The decontamination supply cabinets will be kept locked, and the keys will be in the custody of whom?
Damage control Assistant
In preventing radiation exposure, what is the most effective shieldig material?
Due to their large size what type of radiation particles are rapidly stopped or absorbed by a few inches of air, a sheet of paper, or the superficial layers of skin?
What information can a Commanding Officer release to the public or press without the patient's or patient's NOK consent?
* Name
* Age & Sex
* Station
In what part of the health record would you find records of preventive medicine and occupational health?
Part 1
What form provides a chronological history of the ships and stations to which a member has been assigned for duty and treatment, and an abstract of medical history for each admission to the sick list?
NAVMED 6150/4
Under the Freedom of Information Act, the official having responsibility for the records has how many working days to respond to a requester?
What establishes policies for operating and managing afloat supply departments and activities?
What is the most commonly used measurement of supply level?
Months of usage
Item or packaging discrepancies attributable to the shipper should be reported using what form?
SF 364, Report of Discrepancy
The command initiating the request of a competence for duty examination request should complete what item?
1 through 12
What part of the DOD Prescription, DD 1289, lists the names and quantities of the ingredients to be used and must be checked carefuly for spelling errors?
What schedule of drugs includes nonbarbiturate sedatives, nonamphetamine stimulants, and medications that contain a limited quantity of certain narcotics?
Schedule III
What is the most common factor that influences the amount of drug to be given?
What drug is used for sort-term treatment and maintenance of active duodenal and benign gastric ulcers?
* Cimetidine
* Ranitidine
As a member of the uniformed services, what type of pay may ou not elect to contribute to TSP?
Basic Allowance for Housing
If you elect to being, stop or change your TSP contribution, what paper from would you use?
In addition to the regular income tax you will have to pay on the money you withdrawl from TSP, you may also be subject to an early withdrawl penalty tax of how much?
What TSP fund is invested in a stock index fund that tracks the Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 stock index?
C Fund
Of the following TSP funds, which can you safely contribute into without the rish of investment loss?
G Fund
For personnel that have access to classified information, how often should refresher briefings be conducted?
Who is responsible for maintaing command retention statistics, mointoring attrition and preparing reports?
Command Career Counselor
Of the following, who would not sit on a career development board?
* Command Master Chief
* Education Services Officer
* Command Career Counselor
* Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer
A sponsor should be assigned within how many days of the receipt of order or the sponsor's request?
5 days
What web-based application allows you to send you request for a sponosor directly to your new command via the internet?
Sponsor Assignment Aid
What is the maximum amount of E-6s a commanding officer may CAP if the total number of enlisted billets is betwee 1,001 to 2,000 sailors?
A Promotion/Frocking EVAL should always be submitted upon the promotion or frocking of what rank?
On a Not Observed Evaluation, what block (s) must have entries?
On an enlisted evaluation report, and "X" in block 16 identifies what?
Not Observed Report
As the LPO for your division when would you conduct mid-term counseling for an E-6?
If a member is preganant and cannot be measured for the physical readiness test, what body assessment code would you annotate in block 20?
What force protection condition (FPCON), is applied when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some fom of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely?
Who is the principal Federal official for domestic incident management?
Secretary of Homeland Security
Who monitors all service national and theater intelligence traffic and products to identify specific threats to Navy and Marine Corps personnel and resources?
Any member of the armed forces who, without authority fails to go to his or her appointed place of duty at the time prescribed can be charged under what UCMJ article?
Article 86
What General Order of a Sentry states, "Talk to no one except in the line of duty"
What General Order of a Sentry states, "To salute all oficers an all colors and standards not cased?
If you are on a lookout watch, your reports over sound powered phones will go over what circuit to the bridge?
When talking on an intercom, what do you look for to assume that the line is clear for your message?
A steady red light
What substitute pennant is flown wen the commanding officer is absent?
What vessel has the distinction of being the Navy's first flagship?
USS Alfred
What battle during WWII was fought entirely from aircraft launched from US and Japanese carriers?
Battle of Coral Sea
In an enlisted E1-E6 seabag, ho many cotton / nylon, black socks should there be?
If an officer in the Army is the same rank as a Vice Admiral in the Navy, what would his or her ranking be?
Lieutenant General
What form is used to give your detailer information on where you'd liek to be stationed?
NAVPERS 1306/63
How many enlisted men and women from the Regular Navy and Marine Corps are appointed each year by the Secretary of the Navy to attend the Naval Academy in Annopolis?
What elements make up an effective Navy leader?
* Moral principles
* Personal example
* Administrative ability
What classification level is applied to information whose unauthorized disclosure could reasonable be expected to cause damage to national security?
What type of actions are considered to violate the Navy's fraternization policy?
* Dating
* Shared living accommodations
* Private business parterships
True or False, conduct, which constitutes fraternization can be excused or mitigated by a subsequent marriage?
Commands shall maintain a ratio of 1 Command Fiancial Specialist (CFS) to ever how many active duty?
How log must a service member have left at a command upon completion of command financial specialist training to be designated as a commmnand CSF?
12 months
Service members, E4 and below, will not be approved for overseas orders if their Debt to Income Ratio exceeds exceeds what percent?
What basic alcohol awareness training targets junior enlisted (E1-E4) and junior officers (O1-O3)?
An individual will is defined as a heavy drinker if they drink more than how many drinks or more per drinking occasion at least once a week?
The Urinalysis Program Coordinator (UPC) must ensure that a specimen bottle contains at least how many millimeters of urine?
Each Naval must submit to the NAVDRUGLABs, samples of 10 to 20 percent of its assigned personnel how often?
When did the U.S. declare war on Great Britain for the impressments of sailors and interference of commerce?
Who was the only Navy Admiral to be appointed " Admiral of the Navy" by authorization of the President?
George Dewey
This is considered the first element of administration?
What is defined as the power to command, enforce laws, exact obedience, determine or judge?
What refers to the obligation of an individual to render an account of proper discharge of his or her responsibilities?
What element of administration entails the orderly arrangement of materials and personnel by function in order to attain the objective of the unit?
What refers to the tasks which the individual is required to perform?
What is the assigning of a superior's authority to act to a subordinate?