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George Grenville...
proposed the Sugar Act-the first parlimentary act to raise revenue..chancellor of the exchequer.
He proposed...
George Grenville wanted to...
stop salutory neglect and enforce laws
no ignoring
popular sovereignty
the final right to rule is retained by the people
Parliament controlled. Crown ruled in cooperation with them.
Currency Act of 1764
aimed mainly at VA. Forbade issuance of legal tender by all American colonies...nullified all acts of colonial assemblies contrary to it's terms..
Stamp Act of 1765
placed a tax on newspapers, legal documents, etc. 1st PARLIMENTARY ACTION AIMED DIRECTLY AT AMERICAN COLONIES
Daniel Dulany
Wrote Considerations. Realized Parliament had right to tax colonists, but he denied its right to impose internal taxes on America to raise revenue since Americans weren't represented in parliament.
consider the following
Sons of Liberty
organized against stamp act. Used violence to force stamp agents to resign their posts and merchants to cancel orders for British Goods.
colonists would refuse to buy English goods until the Stamp Act was repealed
Declatory Act of 1766
Enacted same day Stamp Act was repealed. Declared Parliament had full authority to make laws binding the American colonists IN ALL CASES.
Quatering Act 1765
not part of Grenville Acts...required civil authorities in the colonies to provide barracks for Brit troops. Second Act provided for billeting in inns,etc.
Townshend Acts
Charles Townshend-chancellor of exchequer. Placed import duties on such goods as glass, paint, paper and tea. Created more admirality courts. Suspended NY legistlature for refusal to comply with quartering act.
Tea Ct- May 1773
Gave monopoly on tea to British East India Company. They could choose merchants to sell their tea.
Boston Tea Party
THE DARTMOUTH. Sam Asams and others dressed as Mohawk Indians dumped 342 chests of tea into harbor. Viewed as treason.
Coercive Acts
Crown wanted to punish MA for BTP. Included Boston Port Bill, Administration of Justice Act, and the MA Government Act.
Boston Port Bill
A coercive act. Prohibited loading/unloading ships in Boston, except for food, fuel, and military supplies.
Administration of Justice Act
coercive act
protected Crown officials in MA by transferring their trials to London.
Massachussetts Government Act
coercive act
annulled MA charter. Allowed the Council to be appointed by the crown rather than elected by the House of Representatives.
Quebec Act
Provided central govt. for 40,000 french-canadians. Religious toleration for Catholics. Only purely local tax for colonists. Extended Quebec to Ohio River, included portions of MA, VA, and CT.
Quatering Act (newest)
a coercive act
required colonists to house troops
First Continental Congress
Delegates worked in secret...passed Suffolk Reserves.
John Adams' Novanglus Letters
expressed Dominion theory contending that American colonists were not part of the British realm and not subject to Parliament
New England Restraining Act
Forbade colonies from trading with anyone except Britain. Barred from New England fisheries. Thomas Gage requested more troops and advised King to suspend Coercive Acts.
CPT John Parker
scuffle with British at Lexington. Shot heard around the world was fired.
Fort Ticonderoga
Benedict Arnold took 400 men to attack artillery post. Ethan Allen also was there, but was unauthorized. British yielded.
Battle of Bunker Hill
Thomas Gge said any American who returned their loyalties to the crown would be pardoned. Committe of Safety attacked Gage on the Charleston peninsula moving to construct a redoubt on Breed's Hill.
William Prescot
led troops at bunker hill
Count Vergennes
French foreign minister, ascertained from Spanish minister that Spain was receptive to jointly secretly aiding the American colonists
Proclamation Line of 1763
Attempted to prevent whites from settling west of appalachians to simplify Indian relations
Boston Massacre
Fist fight between soldier and a worker...soldiers fired, killing 5, including Crispus Attacks.