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A person who studies artifacts from people to understand their existence as a culture
An object made by a human, such as a tool
The science of map making
A whole society thats shares a culture, such as the same language, religion, art, music, family rules and guide, goverment and means of communication
A loose goverment unit where the parts, such as the states in America, would retain most powers, with a few key powers left to the central goverment
A total way of life
the study of how people produce, distribute, and consume resoures in order satisfy their wants: and also how people make chocies in trying to satisfy their wants with limited resoures
The total surroundings including physical, social and cultural conditions. These conditions affect the individual and the community
Federal goverment
A political system in which a union of states recogizes a central authority while retaning certain reidual owners of goverment
The study of the earth and it's features, as well as where people live
The study of the past events
The origial inhabitants of an area. The people who settled the lands of north and south america are referred to as native americans or inigenous peoples
Iroquois confederacy
A native american organation formed in 1577 by mohawk Hiawatha joined him in the confederation was S.C.O.O.M. They were almost at war Huron and mphhegan indians.The iroquois were pro-british during the french and indian war. The confederation was dissoolved by the New york legislature in 1847 and today live peacefully on large reservations. the proudly note that they were the first allies of the U.S
League of the 5 nations
A confederation of indian tribes, includding the mohawk, seneca, oneida, cayuga and onondaga. They where often called the league of iroquois