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What are some major achievements of the Greeks in architecture?
~Greeks created some of the world's most beautful structures
~Developed 3 styles call orders
~Each style has a different type of stone columns
~they used marble
~3 types- Corintian, Doric, and Ionic
What are some major achievements of the Greeks in geography?
~Important theories in astronomy helped geographers
~Eratosthenes calculated the length of the equator to be 25,000 miles, very close to today's measurement of 24,805 miles
~they mapped rivers, mountains, etc.
~developed lines of longitude and latitude
~figured out the world wa a sphere
What are some major Greek achievements in medicine?
~Hippocrates began the first medical school
~the Hippocratic Oath made doctors promise to honor their teachers, do best possible for sick, never give poison, and keep the secrets of their patients
~invented medicine
What are some major Greek achivements in astronomy?
~contributed much knowledge to astronomy
~discovered planets- Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, & Saturn
~had the idea that the sun was in the center of the solar system
~discovered equinoxes
~predicted solar eclipses
What are some major Greek achievements in zoology?
~Anaximander believed that animals developed, or evolved, from an earlier life-form
~were the 1st to study animal bones
~1st theory of evolution
~believed all living things came from water
~believed all humans evolved from sea creatures/animals
~developed system for classifying living things
What are some major Greek achievemnets in mathematics?
~Euclid collected and organized most of the existing knowledge of geometry into several books called "Euclid's Elements."
~Pythagorean Theorem- how to figure out 3rd length of side of triangle
~believed everything could be learned through study of numbers
What are some major Greek achievements in physics?
~sought to understand what elements make up all physcal things around, called matter
~Democritus suggested that unchanging atoms make up all things
~earth, water, fire, and air are building blocks of matter
What are some facts about Alexander the Great: Villain?
~ruthless and cruel
~killed 6,000 Thebans, sold 20,000 into salvery, and virtually destroyed the whole city
~founded the site of Alexandria but played no role in growth of city
~Burned Persopolis, Persia's capital, to the groud, destroying a magnificent center of Persian culture just to avenge the Persian for having destroyed so many Greek city-states during the Persian Wars
~spent 3 years putting domn resistance in India, slaughtering males and sending women and children into slavery
What are some facts about Alexander the Great: Hero?
~considered greatest military leader of all time
~unified Greece by putting down the rebellion in Thebes
~enthroned as a king in Egypt
~defeated might Persian army at Battle of Issus
~showed respect for conquered Persians by appointing Persian governers and allowing them to practice their religions
~defeated army of the Indian king Porus
~interested in Indian culture so he questioned the Indain holy men to learn about Hinduism
What are some facts about the Sophists?
~believed students should use time and knowledge to improve themselves
~didn't believe that gods and goddeses influenced people
~no absolute right or wrong
~were teachers who traveled, teaching others
~taught students to deabtea and win arguments
~we get political speeches and using time wisely from them
What are some facts about Socrates?
~believed that an absolute truth exsisted
~believed all real knowledge was within each person
~was an Athenian sculptor who loved philosophy
~left no writing behind
~created Socratic Method- ask ?'s buildin off of ?'s until you get to final answer
~the Socratic Method of teaching is still used today
What are some facts about Plato?
~didn't like democracy as a form of govt.
~believed men and women should have same education and equal chance to the same jobs
~was one of Socrates students
~wrote the "Rebublic"
~we know about him because of his writings
What are some facts about Arsitotle?
~believed that a person should do nothing in excess
~was Plato's best student
~studied and compared the govts. of 158 different places to find the best form
~wrote over 200 books on varius topics
What are some facts about Thebes?
~located on eastern plain of Boeotia in central Greece
~controlled northern and southern trade routes, so the city was able to maintain a stron farming economy
~form of govt.-oligarchy
~had strong army
What are some facts about Argos?
~located 3 miles inland, on a rim of a plain in northeastern portion of Peloponnesus landmass
~engaged in combo of farming and trade to support medium sized population
~until 5th century B.C.E., and oligarchy ruled
~around 480 B.C.E. people overthrew and installed democratic govt.
What are some facts about Delos?
~located on and island in the Aegean Sea, among a small group of islands east of the Peloponnesus landmass
~only 2 square miles, but it was a thriving port
~strong trade economy
~Greeks believed it was the birthplace of the God Apollo, so island was sacred
~tyrants ruled until mid 400's B.C.E., when a democracy became form of govt.